Is Everyone Racist? (Spoiler Alert: NO)

JUST YESTERDAY WE LEARNED WE ARE ALL RACIST Because there are lists out there to show white people how to reject their white privilege, but the catch is, #10 says we're racist, even if we reject it.  So why bother?  And now there's this.  The test that has been used for years as a bludgeon to "prove" people are racist actually does no such thing, at least according to the creators of the test.  It's called the Implicit Association Test and this column tells you why you shouldn't pay attention to the noise about it

IN EDUCATION POLITICS LYING IS OKAY IF YOU'RE AGAINST REFORM Hey it worked in JeffCo, why not export lying and cheating tactics to DougCo?  When you lose the war of ideas you are left with nothing but creating fake Facebook pages using the logos of your opponents so you can spread propaganda anonymously.  How these people are not embarrassed to look in the mirror is beyond me.  Complete Colorado's Sherri Peif joins me at 2:35 to discuss it! 

WILL THE HEALTHCARE BILL PASS? Not all Republicans are excited about the Ryan plan and I will speak to one of my favorite Congressmen Thomas Massie today about why he is opposed.  That should be at 1:45 if all goes as planned. 

YOUR NAVIGATION SYSTEM IS MAKING YOU STUPID I've long thought this.  Now new research says that your brain doesn't activate the same way when you use Navigation as it does when you are simply driving and seeking a route to your destination.   This is another example of technology making us dumber.  It will simply make it easier to the robots to rise up and become our overlords. 

NATURE IS GOD'S ANTI DEPRESSANT I've long thought this as well.  Not just thought it, but KNOW it to be true, at least for me.  Being in nature and living close to nature leads to lower levels of obesity and depression.  It's why I live here and why I try to go outside for a walk when I'm having a bad day.  It makes a world of difference for me, you should try it!  

'MERICA LOVES LABS! And that's why the labrador retriever has maintained the top spot as America's favorite pooch for another year.  

HOW MUCH DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE TO BE CONSIDERED UPPER CLASS? It's not as high as you might think it is.  Check your income here!  

BUTTERBEER ICE CREAM HAS ME THINKING ABOUT ICE CREAM And with the weather, it's ice cream season!  Where is the best ice cream in this town? Oh, and you can get Harry Potter themed Butterbeer from Yuengling now

IS WOODY HARRELSON GIVING UP WEED A SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE? Just a question as I find it interesting that he says he's given it up

BEFORE YOU TAKE CIPRO, YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS This is old news, but I just found out about it and thought you might need to know.  Cipro and other drugs in it's class can cause permanent damage to your tendons.  

WOULD YOU WANT TO KNOW IF YOUR SWEETIE GOT YOUR ENGAGEMENT RING FOR 70% OFF? I think this is an interesting question because my theory is if you DON'T want someone to get a great deal on a ring then maybe you aren't marriage material.  Or you are TOO material.  I say go for it, and say money while you do

I HEART NEIL GORSUCH AND YOU SHOULD TOO He has handled his confirmation hearings like a BOSS.  Watch this exchange between Gorsuch and Senator Feinstein.  Like. A. Boss. 

And then he responded to charges by an Obama supporter law student that he said women abused maternity leave.  Like. A. Boss. 


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