Let's All Culturally Appropriate the Irish Today!

MAY THE LUCK OF THE IRISH BE WITH US ALL TODAY! As we all decide to be from another country today for some reason.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Irish and St. Pat's Day, but when I see someone with a "We're All Irish Today" it does make me giggle.  Because there is no other ethnic holiday where we all declare ourselves members of a particular ethnic group. Why don't the Irish get upset like the Social Justice Warriors do?  Because they aren't wusses, that's why.  They do celebrate the patron saint of Ireland IN Ireland, but they do it with less green beer and more time with family and friends.  

PREPARE TO BE DAZZLED BY THESE KID INVENTORS!  There is a contest annually called the Graland's Gates Invention Program where 5-8 graders invent things and compete to get help with patents.  I'll have three kids today who have invented some REALLY cool stuff that you may buy someday!  You don't want to miss this, and find out more about the competition by clicking here.  

THE NEW SEASON AT THE DENVER CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS IS OUTSTANDING! And I will chat with Executive Director for DCPA Broadway Jon Ekeberg about what you cans expect.  If you are theater nerd or burgeoning theater nerd, you will LOVE this!  Find out more by clicking here

DESPITE INCREASING REVENUES, POLITICIANS WILL TELL YOU THEY NEED MORE MONEY And the Governor is now saying the government is facing a $697 million deficit.  DESPITE INCREASING REVENUES OF 4% THIS YEAR ALONE.  This is the beginning of the poor mouthing attack on TABOR and I'm really, really annoyed by this.  I equate it a teenager saying that even though I've given them more money than ever before, they spent too much and now expect me to make up the difference.  No.  Just no. 

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT CNN COULDN'T GET ANY WORSE They take a story about Sean Hannity showing a firearm to Juan Williams and make it into the OK Corral.  And when BOTH Sean Hannity AND Juan Williams deny the story openly and completely, CNN stands by the story.  Huh?  The subjects of the story have said it isn't true, but you stand by a story?  Is this what passes for journalism at CNN?  How is Dylan Byers not embarrassed?  And how do other journalists view CNN at this point?  Ridiculous.  

CONGRATS BOULDER VALLEY, YOU'VE FIGURED OUT HOW TO LOCK OUT POOR PEOPLE!  With the zoning restrictions and lack of condo building Boulder Valley has become completely unaffordable for an entry level home buyer.  Which is exactly the way they want it, if you ask me.  

THIS CEO HAS CREATED A TEST TO WEED OUT THE SNOWFLAKES And of course, the snowflakes are upset.  The test is just a few questions, and it's an essay test.  I honestly may adopt this with future interns.  I'd love to know before hand if I'm hiring a weenie.  Read about it here.  I'm going to try and get this CEO on the show.  He might be my new hero.  

WE ALL LIKE TO THINK WE WOULDN'T DO IT, BUT THEN THERE'S THIS Would you electrocute an innocent person because you were ordered to do it?  A famous experiment from the 1960's showed that many would, and now that experiment has been updated with a new group of men and women and sadly, the same outcomes result.  

A NEW YORK ASSEMBLYMAN WANTS TO CONTROL HISTORY AND FREE SPEECH A bill was introduced that would have allowed someone to sue search engines if they didn't remove information that...uh...someone... deemed "no longer useful to the current debate" or something like that.  My guess is this politician was inspired by something about himself on the web that he no longer thinks people should pay attention to.  I'm horrified that a totalitarian like this holds elected office.  

CAN WE ALL JUST LEAVE THIS STUPID PREGNANT GIRAFFE ALONE? Millions of people have been sucked into the live stream of the impending birth of a new giraffe.  But still, the giraffe hasn't had her baby.  Maybe she's just waiting to left alone to drop the little beast?  

THIS IS HOW YOU HANDLE A GATOR ON A GOLF COURSE IN FLORIDA Like a boss, that how.  Check this out.  

THIS COLLEGE MEMO IS STRAIGHT OUT OF MY DAUGHTER'S PRE SCHOOL CLASS I thought things were completely ridiculous on college campuses, but this really has me laughing.  Now at the University of Arizona, a document is recommending to professors that they recommend to their students the following: If your feelings are hurt by a comment someone makes, say "Ouch".  Then the offending person is supposed to respond "Oops".  Yes, this is college.  

VENEZUELA IS CRACKING DOWN ON ROGUE BAKERS BECAUSE THEY ARE THE PROBLEM As the socialist utopia of Venezuela continues it's death spirals, the old communist stand by, bread lines, are making a comeback.  And to prove how good they are at running things, the government is arresting bakers for not making enough bread.  Or something.  Does it really matter what they are arresting bakers for?  They are BAKERS for goodness' sake.  

STRAIGHT FROM THE NO EFFING WAY FILE A guy jumps out of a perfectly good airplane WITHOUT a parachute and into a net.  No.  A whole heaping pile of no on this one. 

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