It's Traffic Tuesday with Shailen Bhatt from CDOT!

SO WHAT'S UP WITH CDOT?  As the legislature wrestles with transportation funding now is a good time to check in with CDOT Director Shailen Bhatt.  He joins me at 3, so get your questions ready!  

HOW NICE ARE YOU REALLY? Monarch Airlines in the UK actually commissioned a study to find out how nice we think we are.  Of course they had a profit motive, as they now tout that THEIR employees are nicer than the general public.  Profit motive aside, this is yet another example of people having trouble with self identification.  People, of course, mostly thought they were in the top 50% of the nicest people out there, but in reality, they weren't.  We will talk about what makes someone nice and then you can decide exactly how nice your REALLY are.  Read the study here

SPEAKING OF WHO IS NOT NICE, WATCH THIS WOMAN First of all, this video just confirms that my Liberal Voice Impression is PERFECT.  Press Secretary Sean Spicer is minding his own beeswax in an Apple Store when a woman decided to attack him verbally, film the whole thing and post it to Twitter.  Here is it is in all it's glory. 


Of course she has the right to confront someone verbally.  If I were Sean Spicer I would have looked at her and asked, "Please define fascist for me" and I might even have thrown in a "honey" just to make her head explode.  Which may be why he's the Press Secretary and not me.  

BUT NOT BEING NICE IS THE NEW THEME OF THE LEFT, INCLUDING SEN. TIM KAINE'S SON Imagine the headlines if Trump had lost, and Governor Mike Pence's son had been arrested after setting off fireworks INSIDE a building during a Hillary rally.  But when Senator Tim Kaine's son does that, PLUS resist arrest and running from the cops, he's held up as some sort of political hero by his own father.  Because once again, the standards have changed when the brats aren't in power.  

THE NEW HEALTHCARE BILL IS A STINKING PILE OF GARBAGE So says my friend and blunt spoken Congressman Thomas Massie.  He is a freedom loving, small government guy to his core, and I'm inclined to believe him when he says it's a mess.  Back the drawing board, kids. 

BUT THE CBO SCORE ISN'T ALL IT'S BEING MADE OUT TO BE The networks ran with the "under the Republican plan 14 million fewer people would be covered" story as good Democrats should.  But none of them bothered to ask why those people would not be covered.  It's because they would CHOOSE to drop their coverage when the mandate is repealed.  Which is a very important distinction.  IBD does a stellar job here of reminding us how off the CBO predictions about Obamacare really were

HOW IS BEING A "ROYAL" NOT OFFENSIVE TO SOMEONE BORN A PEASANT? In an effort to be more gender inclusive, the University of Minnesota is changing their Homecoming King and Queen to the gender neutral "Royals".  But why stop there?  Why should someone pretty or handsome have an advantage over someone who was born ugly?  Or maybe the Homecoming King and Queen have to do community work for their bid, and how can a poor student who has to work full time do that too?  This entire thing stinks of elitism and must be ended now.  So sayeth the Social Justice Warriors.  If they haven't yet, they will soon. 

THE LEFT IS NOW CRITICIZING THEIR MONSTER And Dennis Prager makes a great case that their crocodile tears are too little, too late. 

THE DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME BILL DIED IN COMMITTEE And I'm now despondent for another year.  Stupid politicians

IS DENNIS KUCINICH PROVIDING COVER FOR DONALD TRUMP? Because he is now out as a retired Congressman saying a phone call he had with Qaddafi's son was not only recorded, but also leaked to the media.  Hmmmmmm.  

THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION SPENT A CRAPLOAD OF MONEY HIDING STUFF FROM THE PUBLIC 36 million plus of your money and mine was spent in the last year denying access to records and then defending those denials in court.  Remember when he was going to have the most transparent administration in history?  That was so cute.  

IF I WERE A DOG THIS WOULD BE ME AT A DOG SHOW I think we all love Ollie after watching this.  Wait for the slo mo replay, it's worth it. 

Mandy Connell


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