So Was the Governor Right About Teen Drug Use?

WHO IS RIGHT ABOUT TEEN DRUG USE IN COLORADO? During an appearance on Meet the Press a couple of weeks ago, Governor Hickenlooper claimed that teen drug use has actually gone down since legalization in the state.  My friend Dr. Alexi Soccoman, who works with kids struggling with addiction, has a much different opinion.  He's on today to discuss his experiences.  Watch the Hick clip here. 

SPEAKING OF KIDS AND DRUGS, ARE THEY REPLACING DRUGS WITH THEIR SMARTPHONES? This is an interesting correlation (although correlation does not prove causation) between the continued decline of drug and alcohol use among teens and the rise of smart phones and tablets.  Why?  Some researchers think it's because kids can literally get high from playing games on their phones.  

MEN, YOUR SPECIAL "ALONE TIME" IS UNDER ATTACK IN TEXAS A Texas lawmaker who is tired of menfolk writing legislation about women's health is fighting back in a rather hilarious bit of sarcastic legislation.  She wants to fine men $100 every time they "waste" their seed by "spilling" it without using it to create a human life.  She also wants a 24 hour waiting period for Viagra prescriptions and vasectomies and a rather invasive exam for men before either of those things can happen.  This will not become law, but it certainly has sparked lively conversation.  

ARE YOU REALLY AS NICE AS YOU THINK YOU ARE? A new study found that most people think they are a lot nicer than they actually are.  The study asked participants about doing nice things like helping people carry heavy things or giving money to others.  What they found out is most people BELIEVE they are in the top tier of niceness.  But they aren't.  They also found that people who viewed themselves as being nice were actually happier than those who did not.  Where are you on the scale?  

NOW BEING LITERATE IN NEW YORK IS RACIST And the state is doing away with the literacy test for...wait for it... potential teachers.  Why?  Because although 64% of white candidates passed it on the first try, black and Hispanic potential teachers only passed at 41% and 46% respectively.  And seriously, why would we need our teachers to be literate?  

NOW A SCALE IS A TRIGGER FOR SENSITIVE STUDENTS And one Canadian college has removed the scales from the gym, lest they "trigger" someone with an eating disorder.  This makes NO sense.  Doesn't the ENTIRE gym trigger someone with an addiction to overexercise?  Stop it, people, stop it. 

A GREEN ECONOMY SIMPLY COSTS A LOT MORE GREEN Have you heard Europe touted as revolutionary because they raced to adopt "green" energy?  You need to read this because all that green energy is simply costing those economies and the people who live in them a LOT more green and now Europe and Australia are desperately trying to bring down the exorbitant energy costs they have created.  

ISN'T OUR GALAXY NAMED AFTER A CANDY BAR?  WHY NOT BEER? A group of Belgian astronomers found a new galaxy just 40 light years away and named it after beer.  Which I love.  

SNL DID A FUNNY SKIT.  FOR REAL.  Watch it here. 

IT'S TIME TO STOP THE DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME MADNESS Just pick a time.  Either one, just pick one.  Now there is a bill in the legislature to keep us on Daylight Saving Time permanently.  I'm all in for this one. 

AND STRAIGHT FROM THE POLITICAL TWILIGHT ZONE Rep. Nancy Pelosi actually penned a letter demanding that Republican lawmakers make public the proposed health care bills because, and I quote, "The American people and Members have a right to know the full impact of this legislation before any vote in Committee or by the whole House." I'm going to just put this right here. 

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