No Rand Paul today. DANG IT.

RAND PAUL JUST WANTS TO SEE WHAT'S IN THE BILL And yesterday engaged in a little stuntery to prove his point about the GOP replacement for Obamacare.  He's on today to talk healthcare at 2pm! Rand Paul rescheduled for next Tuesday.  Boooooooo. 

HAVE YOU NOTICED THE HUGE NUMBERS OF DEAD TREES IN THE MOUNTAINS? I drove back through Medicine Bow National Forest last year and was blown away by the number of dead, brown trees I saw.  A well placed lightning strike is going to be an epic disaster.  I'll talk with Mike Lester, Colorado State Forester and Director, today about the dangers we face of a massive forest fire and what's being done to counteract it.  He's on at 3.  Volunteer with the Forest Department by clicking here.

DID PAID PARKING BACKFIRE  AT THE CHERRY CREEK MALL?  Some store owners are saying yes, although mall ownership says it's too soon to tell.  When a store owner who has been there for a long time says sales are down 20% since the paid parking went into effect, they should probably listen.  I'm guessing the rent there is not cheap.  

REMEMBER THE TWO MEATIVISTS WHO RUINED $1000 WORTH OF MEAT? One of them is going to be charged with some felonies and the other one is only 15 years old.  Her parents must be so proud.  Hmmm, in Boulder they might ACTUALLY be proud about this.  

I HAVE A 1 PERCENTER GOAL NOW How much does it take to be a 1%er in Colorado?  That magic number is $410,716 and I've got a new goal.  No clue how I'm gonna get there, but I've got a goal!  


PFFT, I'LL MAKE THIS BACK IN TOILET PAPER SAVINGS ALONE Costco is under pressure to show growth in earnings, so they are going to raise membership fees by 10 bucks this June.  It's okay, Costco, I got you, boo.  

REP. JARED POLIS CO SPONSORS A POT BILL TO HELP OUR INDUSTRY The bill would end the federal prohibition on marijuana and therefore end the threat of prosecution from the DoJ.  I will reach out to Rep. Polis' office to see if we can get him on this.  

SCRIPPS COLLEGE STUDENTS HAVE MADE ME FINALLY LOSE MY MIND How is this possible, you may ask?  It's because now there are posters at Scripps College that say that minority students should be compensated for the "emotional labor" they expend because of white people.  This. Is. It. For. Me.  This is truly the most bigoted, racist thing I've seen to date.  I will rip it to shreds today.  Or not, depends on my mood. 

YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE LOOKS LIKE?  Read this story.  The only part that gets me is the comment that we should all be so "blessed" to have love like this.  I bet these two worked at their marriage a lot through the years.  Love like this doesn't just happen, it's the result of so many things.  

NBC IS STRAIGHT UP LYING ABOUT THE SIZE OF IT'S AUDIENCE NOW And they are stone cold busted.  They were touting that their two properties, NBC and MSNBC had the largest ratings for the Presidential address to Congress.  Except they didn't, not even close.  

A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED, AND ICEBERG WATER IS THE REASON This is just ridiculous.  Water that is made from melted icebergs and sells for $100 a bottle.  How about a big fat nope from me?  

BUT PLEASE TELL US AGAIN HOW BELOVED OBAMACARE IS? A new survey of people who actually HAVE Obamacare shows that most hate it pretty much.  Satisfaction is very low.  Read all about it here.


MORE ABOUT MY NEW OBSESSION, SWEDEN This comprehensive article breaks down what's happening in Sweden, and it's not great.  

AN ANTI TRUMP COMMUNIST IS ARRESTED FOR THREATENING JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTERS And since he's probably not a member of the Tea Party, don't expect to see much coverage on this story. 

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