Is it time to Institute Term Limits on Congress?

DO WE NEED CONGRESSIONAL TERM LIMITS?  I say yes, Dave says no, but State Treasurer Walker Stapleton agrees with me.  He's on today at 3 to discuss a rally happening to force the issue.  Find out more on the rally by clicking here.

THIS IS WHY I LOVE RAND PAUL SO MUCH He is demanding to see the top secret Obamacare replacement bill being put together by House Republicans.  He's asking, rightly so, why the bill is shrouded in such secrecy when it is the biggest issue facing Americans today. It is 100% right.  Legislation done in the cover of darkness never turns out well for regular Americans.  

WHY DID WE GET THE NEW TRUMP?  AND WILL IT LAST? If this article is accurate and true, we may see more of this Trump, since it was so effective.  

THIS JEFF SESSIONS NONSENSE IS NONSENSE And at some point, the Democrats are going to have to stop throwing everything up against the wall just to see if it sticks.  That's what this new charge is.  Lest you think that Jeff Sessions was playing footsy when he answered EXACTLY that questions that were asked, this is simply what EVERY attorney will tell you is good and proper.  Never volunteer something that wasn't asked.  Never.  This is just another thing Democrats are going to test out to see if anyone cares and if they don't, they will find a new thing to throw against the wall for your perusal.  Don't take my word for it, Judge Napolitano breaks it down here. 




COULD THE KING OF ENGLAND BE LIVING IN WHEAT RIDGE??? HRH Allan V. Evans says yes, and he says that HE is the rightful King of England.  Don't laugh, he's got a plausible story.  If anyone can help us get in touch with the King we'd really appreciate it!  

WHAT LIFE SKILLS DO WE NEED TO IMPART TO MATT THE DEAD TO ME INTERN BEFORE HE GOES? And I'm not even kidding about this.  It's more than life skills, I just found out he's never seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  I feel like I've failed him somehow. 

WHAT, EXACTLY, IS THE NEWS STORY HERE? I'm genuinely not sure.  It seems that some plains clothes ICE agents were waiting outside a court room to arrest a Mexican national (here legally) who has broken the law numerous times.  Still trying to figure out why this is a story?  

MUSLIM VETERANS ARE OFFERING TO PROTECT JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTERS And I think this is lovely and kind and indicative of the soldiers I know.  This is the kind of action so many people have been asking for and I'm happy to publicize when one faith looks out for another.  

HOW MEAN HAS THE PRESS BEEN TO TRUMP?  SUPER, VERY MEANLY The Media Research Center, a right wing media critic, has analyzed the tone and headlines of the media coverage of Trump.  Yes, MRC is right wing, but the methodology behind this is pretty even handed.  88% of the time, the media has not been kind.  Read it here

NOW WEARING CHOKERS IS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION At least according to some Swiss student who is all huffy because people are wearing chokers without caring knowing that Swiss people wear them too.  Unfortunately, this Swiss chick doesn't even realize HER cultural appropriation, as chokers have been around longer than Switzerland has existed.  Somebody should use the google before spouting off. 

PEOPLE IN FAT AND UNHEALTHY STATES HAVE THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF MEDICAL DEBT This is not surprising at all to me.  The study shows people under 65 who have the highest level of medical debt in mostly southern states.  This is not surprising when you correlate how many young people in those states are overweight or obese.  There is a connection, people.  


AND NOW, UH...SHOES THAT ORDER...UH...PIZZA? No, I'm serious.  No, you can't buy them.  


WHERE MILLENIALS DREAM OF LIVING MIGHT SURPRISE YOU But not me.  They dream not of life in the urban core, but in the sprawling suburbs.  Kids and dogs do that to you.  

Mandy Connell


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