The Trump Show is Tonight! And the Mandy Show is Right After!

PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS SOME STUFF TO SAY And he's saying it tonight to a joint session of Congress.  No, this isn't a State of the Union address, he has to be in office for a year to have one of those.  He is expected to lay out an agenda for the military, working families and some other stuff.  I will be on LIVE tonight after the Democratic response from former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear.  The fact Steve Beshear is giving the rebuttal makes me laugh.  He's going to point to Kentucky and the massive Medicaid expansion there as a success story, when ultimately, it is going to bankrupt an already financially poor state.  Anyhoo, you can hear the speech live on KOA and then call in to sound off about it right after Beshear is done rambling.  Meet me on the radio later! 

IT'S BREWSDAY TUESDAY! And my beer experts John Turk from Epic Brewing and KOA Newsman and beer lover Conor Shreve join me at 2pm to talk IPAs and Seasonals as we continue our deep dive into the happiest industry on earth.  

FOR ANYONE WHO SAYS THAT OBAMA SAVED THE ECONOMY They need to look at the graph embedded in this story.  I would put it here but it's a dynamic graph and I can't for the life of me figure out how to embed that.  Anyhow the graph show GDP by quarters since 1950.  You don't need to dig deep to see what I'm getting at, just look at the Obama years compared to the years before.  Economic growth under Obama was anemic.  Yet at the same time, under Obama the National Debt EXPLODED from $10.6 trillion bucks to $19.9 trillion plus at this moment in time.  Was it worth it?  I say no. 

DEAR MILLENIALS, YOUR CRAPPY DIETS ARE GOING TO GIVE YOU CANCER And it's bowel cancer, which is horrible and deadly and SERIOUSLY avoidable.  Clean up your bad diets, eat some roughage and lose some weight.  Young people are being diagnosed with this at alarming rates.  I take this one seriously as it killed a friend of mine very young.  

DARLA THE THERAPY CHICKEN IS DOING...UH...SOMETHING I really don't have a point in sharing this story except to point out that we've gone too far in this therapy animal thing.  And I now present Darla the Therapy Chicken as Exhibit A.

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR WHEN IT COMES TO AIRLINES And in a recent ranking of US Domestic Carriers, guess who came in last?  Spirit Airlines.  Guess who came in next to last?  Frontier Airlines.  I am not surprised in the slightest by this.   

SHOULD HOMEWORK BE BANNED IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL? My thinking on this has evolved greatly over the years as studies have now shown homework to be ineffective at impacting student achievement in elementary school.  One Vermont school decided to test the theory and it's working. 

DO YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR NAME? This study is really cool.  Researchers asked people to match up pictures with the persons name and you know what they found?  Many times we look like our names.

WHO WANTS TO GO TO THE MOON? I'm not opposed completely to the idea, but a whole lot of rockets have to go and return safely before I hop on board.  Would you go to the moon


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