So how bout those Oscars? Trick question, I didn't watch

DID YOU WATCH THE OSCARS LAST NIGHT?  I didn't, and my life is no less full because of it.  Dave tried to watch until the first bit of politics appeared, so he tuned out 6 minutes and 5 seconds in.  Christian Toto watched the whole thing so we don't have to and he's on today right out of the shoot to tell us if we missed anything good.  Congrats to La La Land Moonlight for winning best picture

WESTMINSTER THINKS IT'S RESIDENTS ARE TOO STUPID TO CHOOSE A TRASH PROVIDER There is more to it than that, but I'll have a Westminster City Council member on at 2 to explain why government is going to essentially take over trash collection because it can't force people to do something they don't want to do otherwise.  

LEAVE IT TO KIDS TO MAKE HISTORY INTERESTING FOR OTHER KIDS As teachers struggle to make history come alive for kids to young to realize how important it is, a group of kids from STEM School and Academy in Highlands Ranch are making it happen with a new interactive computer program featuring a blast from the past who probably hasn't been getting enough credit for impacting world events.  I'll speak with them at 3.  

SO IF THE IRANIANS TELL US THAT THEY HAVE TWO TERROR CELLS HERE, DO WE BELIEVE THEM? Because I'm not sure I  do, but I'm not in charge of Homeland Defense.  If they do have two terror cells, as this Iranian military dude says quite clearly in this video, and they do something horrible, Trump could be Preside forever. Here's hoping it's bluster.  Or that DHS is at least paying attention to this video too. 

STILL ANOTHER COLUMN ABOUT THE TRUTH ABOUT SWEDEN And I like this one best because it provides a balanced look without promoting one political point of view or another.  Sweden is not a hellhole because of Muslim immigration, but there are serious issues that it needs to address.  So "both sides" need to ratchet back the rhetoric because both  sides are right.  And wrong.  

BILL PAXTON DIED THIS WEEKEND And here is a tribute of his best roles.  He'll be Chet forever in my mind. 

NO, GW BUSH DID NOT "BASH" TRUMP IN AN INTERVIEW No matter how hard Matt Lauer begged him to.  First of all, watch Matt Lauer's questions: 

Now watch his responses:

If Lauer wasn't so hellbent on getting Bush to take shots at Trump, he might have realized that the shots he took were very subtle shots at Obama, the press, and anyone who believes a cake baker should be forced to bake a cake for a gay wedding.  A filter is a powerful thing, and that's what my filter told me he said.  

I'M NOT SAYING EXERCISE WILL KILL YOU, BUTTTTT if Bob Harper, the SUPER fit trainer for 17 seasons of the The Biggest Loser has a MASSIVE heart attack that left him unconscious for two days, I'm not sure exercise is all it's cracked up to be.  

THIS IS HOW I'M FEELING ABOUT BILL KRISTOL THESE DAYS TOO!  The snide commentary from the Never Trump conservatives is becoming increasingly like the snide commentary from the Never Trump liberals, and Bill Kristol is the leading the charge.  This makes me sad, because I count on him for coherent conservative thought, some of which I agree wholeheartedly with, some I don't.  But he's acting like a scorned husband since Trump got elected.  A whiny loser to tell you the truth.  Neither insightful nor sharp, just pissy and miserable.  This column makes the case to break up with him nicely. 

A NEW SCULPTURE IN FLORIDA IS CAUSING UPTIGHT PEOPLE TO BE UPSET Because it's based on the classic scene in The Christmas Story where the dad wins a MAJOR AWARD.  Must be Italian.  Here's the sculpture in all it's glory. 

WILL REPEALING OBAMACARE MEAN THAT PEOPLE DIE? Not hardly.  Because Obamacare and it's massive Medicaid expansion aren't saving people.  Because Medicaid recipients don't have better mortality outcomes than people with no insurance.  Read the details here

PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS A BUDGET OUT But it just spends a lot of money and I'm not really looking for someone to spend MORE money and put us further into debt.  So how's he gonna pay for it?  We'll see tomorrow during his speech.  

PROTESTERS RUIN $1000 WORTH OF MEAT BECAUSE THEY WANT TO CONTROL YOUR LIFE TOO Otherwise why would they chant "meat is murder" and other crap while laying flowers directly on the meat in the butcher case.  I'm guessing since these two geniuses filmed themselves doing it, Boulder cops will find the two suspects on the web somewhere.  Of course this happened in Boulder.  Of course.  If meat tastes like murder, then murder tastes pretty freaking good. (stolen from Dennis Leary)

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