What's really behind the BDS movement?

WHAT IS BEHIND THE BDS MOVEMENT ON CAMPUS? I'm sure the students wearing terrorist scarves around their necks don't think of themselves as Anti-Semites, but they are certainly behaving like them.  Today I will speak with Dr. Charles Jacobs about his new film "Hate Spaces" about the anti-semitism RAMPANT among those who support the Palestinian movement.  Watch some select scenes here, BUT BE AWARE THAT THERE IS SOME BAD LANGUAGE FROM THE PROTESTERS.  NSFW!! To find a showing near you this weekend, click here.  See it at the CCU-Lakewood campus Sunday night at 6pm in the Laperro building room 106, or Monday night at Faith Bible Chapel at 7pm. 


WHAT DOES YOUR HANDWRITING SAY ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITY? We wanted to know, so we invited Stephanie Fink, handwriting analyst, to analyze OUR handwriting.  The results were very interesting to me and she's on today to discuss them!  Get more information on Stephanie and her handwriting analysis by clicking here

PEOPLE ARE DYING OF DRUG OVERDOSES AT ALARMING RATES And by alarming rates, I mean more people died from drug overdoses in 2015 than gunshot wounds of ALL KINDS, including suicide.  Oddly, you don't hear from politicians that it's time to ban opioids.  Opioid over prescription is leading to skyrocketing deaths and there are NO Congressional hearings?  And the kicker is, it isn't the traditional young people and teens that are driving this skyrocket, it's middle aged and elderly folks.  Be very careful with pain killers, people, just because they are prescribed doesn't mean they aren't very dangerous.  

HOW CAN REPUBLICANS NOT HAVE A REPLACEMENT FOR OBAMACARE??? I say this knowing that some Republicans DO have a replacement for Obamacare *coughRandPaulcough* but they can't get traction because the rest of the party is made of cowards too afraid to stand up to the "but we don't want to pay premiums" crowd.  They better get a spine or the party is done forever.  The Denver Post covered the various GOP town halls on the issue.  

WHO LIKELY BENEFITS FROM STARBUCKS GOING POLITICAL? MOM AND POP COFFEE SHOPS! There is always information being gathered about how brands are doing, and the latest data gathered about Starbucks is not good.  Since they announced they were hiring 10.000 refugees around the world, their brand id has plummeted in popularity.  As more people decide they do NOT want a side of sanctimony with their latte, Starbucks is losing it's cache, except with the urban city dwellers who live and breathe Starbucks.  Here's hoping mad people start to support LOCALLY owned coffee shops, because there are some REALLY good ones in pretty much every city at this point! 

IS OUR CLIMATE CHANGE MARS' FAULT? This is a really fascinating scientific discovery.  It seems that a team of scientists, using a rock formation here in Colorado, have made a connection between Mars orbit, our orbit and climate change.  It involves chaos theory, the butterfly effect and more, but they seem pretty convinced that Mars orbit affects OUR orbit, which changes how much solar radiation our planet gets.  And solar radiation is a MAJOR part of our climate.  Are there SUVs on Mars? 

COULD COLORADO BE IN THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT'S CROSS HAIRS BECAUSE OF POT? It's quite possible if White House Spokesperson Sean Spicer's comments are any indication.  This is what I've worried about since recreational pot became legal in Colorado.  We are ALWAYS going to be at the mercy of the Federal Government unless and until Congress acts to stop the madness.  Will this kick the new Cannabis Caucus into high gear?  We shall see. 

THESE WITCHES SHOULD HAVE CAST A SPELL WHEN ONE OF THEM WAS RUNNING Wiccans are usually such sweet people, but a whole bunch of them have gone to the dark side.  Why?  Because they are casting a collective curse on Donald Trump.  They call it a "binding spell" but when the end desired outcome is to prevent him from doing anything, it's a curse.  You can join in if you want! 

U-G-L-Y YOU AIN'T GOT NO ALIBI BUT YOU MAY HAVE A BIG, FAT PAYCHECK Most have heard of studies that show really attractive people make more money, but a new study which dug deeper found something new.  Really ugly people ALSO make more than Merely Unattractive or Average people.  

NANCY PELOSI IS LOSING IT And I'm not just being snarky, she's just looking really rough these days.  


BE PREPARED TO NEVER WANT TO STAY IN A HOTEL EVER AGAIN After watching this video on hotel secrets. 

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