Winter is back, but Spring Training is HERE!

BASEBALL IS ALMOST HERE! BASEBALL IS ALMOST HERE! Spring Training is almost here!  We are going to check in with Jack Corrigan about what he's seen so far and whether or not the moves made in the bullpen and at the help are going to finally propel this young and talented team into the playoffs.  He's on at 3:30.

SO WHAT IS REALLY  GOING ON IN SWEDEN? President Trump was mocked by the left after referring to an incident in Sweden that happened "last night" in Sweden regarding migrants.  Except there was no specific incident "last night".  However, a riot broke out the day AFTER he said that, soooooo, what does that mean?  I've been looking around and have found some interesting things.  First, this video.


And this from a Danish network about the migrant issues in Sweden


SO WHY AREN'T WE HEARING ABOUT THIS IN THE NEWS?  Because it is illegal to tell the truth if you are a cop in Sweden.  One cop did, and now he's facing charges.  

PETER PAN IS THE WORST THING EVER AND MUST DIE Did you know that Peter Pan is hopelessly racist because of the Indian tribes represented in the play?  Yep.  All productions of this classic must be stopped immediately to avoid offending Indigenous Peoples.  


I THINK THIS SHOULD BE THE STANDARD IN EVERY WORKPLACE A Swedish lawmaker has proposed that workers be given a chance to go home for an hour and have sex with their spouse to make more babies.  Or not make babies, whatever.  

DEMOCRATS ARE MAD TRUMP IS ENFORCING DEMOCRAT PASSED LAWS Which is really sort of funny when you think about it.  The Immigration laws in question were passed in 1956 which passed with Democrat majorities and signed by a Democrat President.  Heh.  One must wonder if the current outrage by today's Democrats could also be seen as an admission that Democrats don't make good law.  Just a thought. 

WOMEN CAN NOW GO TOPLESS IN FORT COLLINS AGAIN As a judge threw out a prohibition on boobies being out because men weren't subjected to the same standard.  Will they change the law to outlaw topless men or will we now be treated to topless broads wandering around?  

BLACK STUDENTS ARE NOW DEMANDING SEGREGATION And it's happening at the University of Michigan, where the Social Justice Warriors are DEMANDING a space for minority students ONLY where they can plot plan their next strategic bit of grievance mongering.  

THE CHARADE OF THE INTENTIONAL WALK IS OVER NOW Baseball has decided to end the charade of the intentional walk by allowing pitchers to forego the four outside softballs they throw to batters they are afraid of.  The players union has accepted the change

AEROFLOT AIRLINES HAVE ADOPTED US AIRLINE STANDARDS FROM THE 1970'S At least when it comes to flight attendants.  The fat and old flight attendants have been told their services on international flights will not be needed.  

CNN IS NOW UNDER THE MICROSCOPE And James O'Keefe from Project Veritas has gotten his hands on 100 hours of raw tape from the CNN Newsroom from 2009.  He's asking you to mine the tapes and see what's there.  Here is his intro video.  Find the website here


ACTORS CAN NO LONGER LIE ABOUT THEIR AGES IN CALIFORNIA As a judge has struck down a legal ban on publishing actor's ages.  IMDB was in the cross hairs but made a convincing case that publishing an actor's REAL age was protected under the First Amendment.  The fact there is a law like this on the books just goes to show you how shallow Hollywood REALLY is.  

CAN A CLASS FROM THE GRAVE HELP SUICIDAL WOMEN? If so, I'm all for it.  A woman in China who went through some suicidal thinking herself, created this grave class to help other women.  They lie in a shallow grave and contemplate a world without them.  It sounds nutty, but if it works, who I am to judge?

I FEEL SO VERY SORRY FOR THIS UM...PERSON FOR HIS/HER STANCE ON DOOR OPENING I am a polite person.  My children are polite.  When they approach a door at the same time someone else does, they open it.  Politely.  But this young, angry, victimized "Flexigender cis-negative nonformative feminist" (those are her words, not mine) has decided to blaze a trail against manners by declaring them part of the patriarchy.  I wonder what she would do when my 7 year old daughter held the door open for her? 

RIP ALAN COLMES I thought he was wrong about pretty much everything but always admired his willingness to engage with anyone on any subject.  Cancer sucks, by the way. (Not sure if it was cancer, he has alluded to an illness as of late, but even if it's not cancer, cancer still sucks.)

Mandy Connell


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