The Kids Today Have Found a New Way to Hang Out

SOME KIDS DON'T KNOW HOW TO TALK TO ANYONE And I blame the rise of social media and texting that occurred at the same time this kids should have been developing those skills.  Good news though!  Now kids are using new tech like In the House to hang out virtually, but at least it's face to face conversation!  When you think about your teen years or my teen years and how different they are than today's teen years, it sort of makes me sad.  But I guess for them, it's all they know.  So they don't know how sad it is. 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI IS THE BOSS OF YOUR THOUGHTS At least she seems to think so in this clip. 

TODAY'S HEARTWARMING STORY OF AWESOME BRAVERY And it was a little tiny African-American woman who saved a cop who was being beaten on the side of the road.  The grandmother saw a cop arguing with a man on the side of the road and when it escalated and the cop was being beaten, she called 911 and hopped out of her car to help the officer.  I LOVE this story! 

ONE COMEDIAN GETS REVENGE ON A SNOTTY WOMAN WITH A POOPING DOG IN AN AIRPORT And I realize I should condone this sort of shenanigan, but it's hard not to when the women is such a Rhymes-With-Stitch if you know what I mean.  First she let her dog poop in the airport without cleaning it up.  Then she was rude and horrible to a man who pointed that out.  But one man didn't take it lying down.  And she may have gotten what she deserved.  Is this assisted karma or was he out of line

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE FUTURE? If you say yes, you are in the distinct minority.  Two studies in Germany and Spain found that most people OVERWHELMINGLY do NOT want to know future events, including positive future events.  I am not sure how I come down on this.  I think if I found out positive events it would make me work harder to make them come true, but the negative stuff, I'm not sure about. 

DID DENVER'S PSEUDO SANCTUARY CITY STATUS ASSIST IN TWO MURDERS? We now have a second case of someone who had been deported coming back into the US illegally and killing someone.  The first case was Mexican national Ever Valles who killed a father and RTD security guard after breaking back into the country.  Now we have a tragic hit and run by a Honduran national who broke back into the country before he killed a pedestrian and fled the scene.  Both men had multiple contacts with police before they killed someone.  In the case of Norlan Estrada-Reyes, ICE asked for a hold at the jail so they could arrest him.  He left before they got there.  Both of these men should not have been here at all and now two tax paying, hard working citizens are dead.  But please tell me how everyone poring over the southern border is just here for a better life. 

STUDENTS ARE WILLING LITTLE BROWN SHIRTS ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES So says this investigation of "Bias Response Teams" in place at HUNDREDS of colleges and universities nationwide.  Students can't wait to run and tattle if someone says something that hurts their feelings, so an administrator can jump in and "re-educate" the offenders.  Compare that claptrap to these comments by Former Stanford Provost John Etchemendy, in a recent speech before the Stanford Board of Trustees.  In it, he clearly identifies both the threat BRTs pose to true academic freedom (without mentioning them by name) and issues a challenge for universities to show the courage necessary to bring true academic freedom back.  

THIS IS A VERY NICE STORY.  BUT I'M SMELLING AN AGENDA. What a great story about a Muslim group raising money to fix the damage done by vandals at a Jewish cemetery!  Right!  Until I read who started the fund in the first place.  Linda Sarsour is a Palestinian American activist who has routinely supported Sharia law, made excuses for Saudi Arabia's horrific treatment of women and called for two prominent female Muslim women who speak out against sharia to have "their vaginas removed" because they didn't deserve to be women.  Fun fact, Ayaan Ali Hiris already HAD half of her vagina removed due to forced female genital mutilation by her Muslim mother and grandmother!  I'm happy this cemetery will get the much needed help, but this smells too much like image grooming for me to do a full ovation.  

MATT THE DEAD TO ME INTERN IS GETTING READY TO LEAVE THE NEST! And after finding the video of me teaching Matt to fold a shirt, we realized there may be other things he needs to learn before we kick him out into the big bad world.  Expect some ridiculous conversation on this one.  


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