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DO YOU BELIEVE IN FREE SPEECH OR NOT? I and many like me have been increasingly concerned about the war on free speech raging across college campuses.  Milo Yiannopoulos has become the front of that war.  With his brash, sometimes really mean, in-your-face style of firebrand conservatism, he has upset a LOT of people.  When he got invited to speak at CPAC, I was proud of conservatives.  Not because I agree with Milo or his style, but because they were willing to give an outlet to man whose views they did not agree with.  Now a video has surfaced of Milo giving approval to gay relationships involving men and young teenage boys.  There is no way to spin that, that is what he said.  If you can stand a LOT of vulgar talk about sex, you can watch the clip by clicking here.  Now he's not only been disinvited from CPAC, he's lost his book deal too.  The book deal won't matter, because he can self publish and make a crap load more money than he lost from Simon and Schuster.  But CPAC has disappointed me.  Because here is the chance to demonstrate that free speech is messy, it's complicated and it's difficult.  Why not bring Milo on and ask him directly about his comments?  Ask him directly if he thinks men having relations with 13 or 14 year old boys is right and correct?  I think there were many at CPAC WILDLY uncomfortable with the notion that Milo was coming.  Many who want to destroy the Alt Right accusation wielded by the hard Left.  And this video gave them an easy out for their problem.  And in doing so, they demonstrate that their commitment to free speech only lasts as long as the person in question is merely being mean to fat people and transgendered people, amiright?  By the way, to be clear, I think what Milo said was horrible.  But I also know of at least three gay male friends of mine who have told me their first sexual relationship was with an older man when they were teens.  So even if it's wrong, is it the truth?  That's a question I'd like to see answered.  Because if it's true, we need to do a better job of protecting our young gay teens on many fronts.  Finally, I trust the attendees at CPAC to judge Milo for themselves.  They have the option to go to his speech or not, as long as he's invited.  Now CPAC has decided to shield attendees from having that option, or to judge Milo for themselves.  Which is a shame.  UPDATE: Milo just resigned from Breitbart

IF EVERYONE HATES TRUMP SO MUCH, WHY IS THE RNC RAKING IN DOUGH? Fundraising for the RNC for the past few years has been tough.  Rank and file Republicans have simply refused to support the party they viewed as ineffective.  So what gives now?  Trump is in office and the RNC raked in nearly $20 MILLION in January alone.  

HAVE YOU TRIED THE SOCIALISM DIET PLAN?  IT is A-MAZING!! It works like this: elect a total socialist who takes over the means of food production, fixes prices and inflates the currency.  Food shortages ensue, and wah-la!  The whole country loses an average of 19 pounds in a year!  Thank goodness we didn't find this out before the Obamas left office, they would use this as a way to combat obesity.  If it's good enough for Venezuela, it's good enough for us! 

SOOOO, WAS TRUMP RIGHT ABOUT SWEDEN? It seems that riots broke out in a predominantly immigrant suburb of Stockholm last night.  What sparked the burning of cars and looting?  The arrest of man for dealing drugs.  But I'm sure there is nothing to see here. 

THAT DALAI LAMA IS A REAL JERK At least that's the message being sent by the Chinese student group mad about him being invited to speak at UC-San Diego.  They are demanding he be unvited in the name of diversity.  Just read it.  

SAD HILLARY LOST?  THIS WEBSITE IS FOR YOU! There is a website which purports to be the destination of choice for people super upset that Hillary lost.  It has a whole bunch of fake news stories about the Clinton Presidency.  Which is great for them and super sad at the same time because she totally lost.  

IF SHE SAID THIS IN THE CLASSROOM, WOULD IT BE DIFFERENT?  A computer teacher in Naples, Florida is in ALL kinds of trouble for a Facebook post she made about the Day Without Immigrants protest.  In it, she was not exactly supportive and expressed her support for mass deportations.  She works in an East Naples school which is 96% minority, mainly Hispanic.  She has been removed from the school and re assigned to the Admin building as parents are signing a petition to get her fired.  My question is simple: if she had said this IN the classroom, would she be protected under the guise of "academic freedom"?  It seems that teachers attacking Trump and his supporters use that shield, why wouldn't it go both ways?  Just curious. 

WON'T THEY SEE THEMSELVES IN THIS MOVIE?  A bunch of libs and freedom loving movie chains are showing 1984 on April 4th as a protest against Trump.  Except the fact they have the freedom to SHOW the movie as a protest negates the point they are trying to make.  I'm curious if left wingers will recognize THEMSELVES when it comes to policing speech and destroying the lives of those who don't agree with them.  (See entry above for an example)

RATHER THAN DESTROY NATO, PRESIDENT TRUMP MAY HAVE STRENGTHENED IT How?  By demanding that European countries meet their financial obligations (which, by the way, they all promised to a year or two ago) rather than relying on the good ol US to fight ALL their battles for them.  They also promised to do more in the fight against terrorism.  Huh.  This must be a miracle or something. 

TRUMP SUPPORTERS NEED NOT APPLY I am actually completely fine with people searching for roommates asking people they don't agree with politically not to apply.  But isn't it odd that it's mostly libs who are using this exclusion? 




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