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EVEN THE FUN FACTS ABOUT PRESIDENT'S DAY ARE BORING.  But in the spirit of the day, I've got some somewhat interesting facts about President's you may have heard of and some you may have forgotten (paging Franklin Pierce, paging Franklin Pierce).  Click here if you want to know who had the first Christmas tree in the White House!  

GO HAVE A GREAT MEAL AND SUPPORT A GREAT CAUSE!  Tuesday is the day where Rainbow Restaurant in Fort Collins is giving ALL it's profits to Veterans Passport 2 Hope!  Find the restaurant here!

HERE ARE SOME PRETTY AWESOME POTUS JOKES They all border on the Dad Joke model, but some of them are pretty funny.  

AND HERE IS SOME OTHER STUFF Because I can't bore you with President's stuff all day.

AIRLINES ARE BRINGING SEXY BACK! No, not sexy time, but they are bringing back some of the old school features we used to take for granted.  Delta is bringing back food service in coach for some long haul flights.  And now United is creating work space pods for Business and First Class long haul passengers.  These passengers represent BIG bucks for airlines, so expect something of a space race from the rest of the airlines on this. 

WILL THE BUREAUCRACY BRING DOWN A TRUMP PRESIDENCY?  This is something I heard a LOT from pundits during the election who were trying to warn the electorate that putting a businessman in DC would create a marriage from hell between the White House and the entrenched bureaucracy.  I might have said it myself.  And now the political War of the Roses is underway, with members of that bureaucracy leaking and undermining the POTUS every chance they get.  Can he fix it?  Depends on who he is willing to listen to.  But is sure will be interesting to watch.  

PEOPLE GOT FIRED WHEN THEY DIDN'T SHOW UP FOR WORK So of course, someone called the news media.  You know what I find super interesting about this story?  It sort of belies the notion that people here illegally are "living in the shadows" when they not only don't show up for work, their boss talks to the tv folks about not caring where they are from.  This business owner needs to be fined for every employee he has hired illegally.  Isn't that fair to the rest of the roofing contractors who do things the right way?  

THE DOWNSIDE TO WORKING FROM HOME As more people in the US are working from home, studies are now popping up to see if it's everything it's propped up to be.  It's not, but I'm here to tell you these stresses are manageable.  Insomnia is the biggest problem.  It's all about balance, and if you're working from home my biggest suggestion is to create a space that is only for work.  Only enter it to work, and then LEAVE it when your day is over.  YOU CAN DO THIS!! 

ROE IS DEAD Not the ruling, the woman behind it.  Norma McCorvey has passed away.  I feel terribly sorry for her.  She was used by an attorney to get a landmark ruling and used by the pro-life movement too.  She had what sounds like a pretty miserable life.  RIP Norma, I hope the next life is better to you than this one was. 

REMEMBER THE CLINTON FOUNDATION? I'm not 100% certain, but I wouldn't be surprised if it shut own entirely in the next few years.  Read this from the New York Times. 

LOVEY, CAN YOU POP OVER TO THAT VENDING MACHINE FOR A BOTTLE OF CHAMPS? A champagne vending machine is now a thing.  



ET TU, CPAC?  Say what you will about Milo Yiannopolus, but if you believe in free speech, really, really free speech, you would have to commend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for inviting him.  (For those of you who don't know, CPAC is a gathering of young conservatives that takes place every year in DC)  Milo may not be my cup of tea, but I watched him in Boulder connect with a roomful of young conservatives with his sarcastic and often caustic message.  But now CPAC has issued an UNVITE.  He's out.  Why?  Because a set of comments in which he appears to support pedophilia have come out and apparently, THAT is where the line is.  Even though throughout his discussions and writing on homosexuality he has expressed horror and disdain for pedophilia as an abuse victim himself.  

I'M A HUGE JUSTIN AMASH FAN And you should be too after you read this profile

HERE IS YOUR HEART WARMING STORY OF THE DAY! A random act of kindness from a clerk at Walmart


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