Where Should the Show Go for Our BIG EXOTIC Broadcast?

WHERE SHOULD WE GO?  YOU DECIDE!  After careful consideration we've selected the following Colorado destinations for our show trip.  Where should we go?  You decide!  We will be talking to folks from the Chambers of Commerce for these places today so if you don't know where we should go, listen up and get some great ideas! 

I DON'T FEEL LIKE DOING MUCH WORK TODAY, SO YOU DO IT FOR ME And that means a FREE FOR ALL!  So you can decide what we're going to talk about when I'm not talking to Chamber spokesfolks.

BUT IN CASE YOU'RE FEELING LAZY TOO Here's some stuff I found.

THE PRESS JUST DISCOVERED HOW EXPENSIVE IT IS FOR POTUS TO TRAVEL Which they didn't seem to think was a big issue when Obama did it.  But now that Trump wants to spend time at his Palm Beach estate, you can expect to see a million stories like this one

HOLLYWOOD IS MORE BIASED THAN WE THINK And that's saying something because I think Hollywood is pretty freaking biased.  Our pal Christian Toto did a great piece on author and screenwriter Andrew Klavan's talk at Leadership of the Rockies last week.  You should read it. 

LIGHT RAIL ISN'T TAKING CARS OFF THE ROAD Because people are driving, alone mostly, instead.  Here is an article where they tell us that fault is we don't have dedicated bus lanes or something. 

PRESIDENT TRUMP REMAINS THE HONEY BADGER OF POLITICS He just don't give a sh*t.  Watch him tangle with the press like no one ever has.  

NO AP, THE NATIONAL GUARD WON'T BE ROUNDING UP ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS The AP got their hands on a document that says the National Guard is going to be called out in 11 states to round up illegal immigrants.  They say it came from the White House.  The White House has quickly and unequivocally said this is not true and a complete fabrication.  But the AP is standing by it's story.  Until, of course, the National Guard is not called out to round up immigrants.  

WHITE STUDENTS DEMAND UNDERPREPARED BLACK STUDENTS GET FREE COLLEGE ADMISSION And I can't make this up.  At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a student association is demanding free tuition, free room and board and no fees for black people because of slavery.  Oh, and they want to stop using the SAT and ACT scores because they are all about white supremacy.  

DO YOU TEXT YOUR KIDS?  WHILE THEY ARE IN THE SAME HOUSE? Don't be ashamed, we did it too and we are not alone.   Half of families say they do it on a regular basis.  There is a serious upside to communicating via text with your kids, I'll share today. 

A TALE OF TWO HEADLINES... There is no doubt Trump is giving the media fits and it's perfectly delineated by two competing headlines.  This one and This one


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