Please Tell Me I'm Right! Or Charles Harrington Elster is On!

PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT! It's time for our monthly visit where you call and ask Charles Harrington Elster to tell you that you are right about your grammar questions or word issues.  Find out more about Charles by clicking here!


A WOMAN WHO HAS REPEATEDLY BROKEN OUR LAWS IS THE EXAMPLE OF WHY THE IMMIGRATION SYSTEM IS BROKEN??  The saga of She Who Will Not Be Deported continues as a woman scheduled to meet with Immigration officials this morning didn't show up and headed to a church for asylum.  Read this story.  We shall discuss. 

And I'm talking about it today.  

TRUMP DIDN'T LET UP IN HIS PRESS CONFERENCE TODAY And he started out by once again calling out the media for the way they have covered his administration.  He called out Democrats for holding up his Cabinet picks.  He called out anyone who is shocked by him fulfilling his campaign promises and called out politicians who don't.  This guy does NOT let up.  And the press is instantly fact checking him.   That's new. 

TRUMP'S SPEED MAKES CONGRESS LOOK REALLLLY SLOOOOWWWW Congress is already mired down trying to figure out how to solve the really big issues like Obamacare AND figure out tax reform at the same time.  This is the difference between being in the majority and being in the minority.  When you're in charge, everyone is trying to get theirs.  


NOW THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS According the news media in this town.  Check this coverage of the walkout/no show day planned today by what I'm guessing are illegal immigrants.  Or maybe they are legal.  I have no idea.  But if I work for ICE and a business is shut down today I'm heading there Thursday to check everyone's papers.  I'm sick of being threatened by people who have broken into the country and now demand special treatment ahead of those who didn't.  Over. It. 

IF YOU WERE THINKING OF MOVING TO JAPAN AND GETTING MARRIED DON'T PLAN ON HAVING SEX Because according to a recent survey, 47% of married couples in Japan don't have sex.  

POTATOES ARE BACK, BABY! At least according to this article on foods you think are bad for you but really aren't.  Good for you is one thing, but if you want to lose weight, you need to skip them. 

I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN REPUBLICANS WHO ALL OF SUDDEN THINK THE FEDS SHOULD RUN THINGS This according to a HuffPo/YouGov poll that says Democrats are all of a sudden concerned about Federal power and Republicans are getting more okay with it.  The only bright spot is that Republicans were undersampled so maybe there is hope.  Repeat after me: We don't need no STINKING BIG GOVERNMENT no matter who is running it. 

WE'RE GOING BACK IN TIME ON DELTA AIRLINES! Back to the halcyion days of when I was a flight attendant.  They are bringing food back on some routes in coach.  This is a BIG deal.   We'll see if any other airline follows suit! 

BILL MAHER ISN'T LIBERAL ENOUGH BECAUSE HE'S TALKING TO MILO FRIDAY And now the libs who are completely against free speech are giving him so much hell he's being forced to defend himself to them. 

MONOPOLY, YOU ARE DEAD TO ME! They replaced the thimble with...something or other.  WHO CARES what because the THIMBLE WAS MINE!  

THOSE ENVIRONMENTALISTS REALLY LEAVE A LOT OF GARBAGE LYING AROUND And I'm talking about the people who LOVE the environment SO much that they set up camp in North Dakota and left 2500 pickup trucks worth of garbage behind in a flood zone so it can be sucked into the river when the snow melts.  

WALMART IS MAKING A FAKE CRAFT BEER AND NOW THEY'RE BEING SUED As well they should be.  They told consumers they were "collaborating" with Trouble Brewery.  Problem is, there is no such brewery.  They are actually brewing beer in Costa Rica at the same place they make Genesee Beer, which is far from a quality craft beer as you can get.  The only truth here is the name of the fake brewery. 

KEVIN BACON EXPLAINS THE 80'S TO MILLENIALS And this is spot on and necessary.  

THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM WAITING FOR A MATCH OR LIGHTNING STRIKE TO SET IT OFF Our forests in Colorado are in BAD shape.  I noticed it last year driving back from Wyoming where the Medicine Bow forest is DEAD and brown.  Read this story and we are going to try to get someone on  from the State Forestry department to discuss it.  

THIS IS SO ADORABLE I CAN'T STAND IT. There is was a Daddy-Daughter Ballet Class in Philly for Valentine's Day and it's adorable. 

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