Let's be Like the Tea Party Only Not Racist and Stuff!

SO YOU KNOW YOU HATE TRUMP, NOW WHAT?  When Barack Obama was elected there was a ground swell of opposition to the notion of Big Government and Bigger Spending.  Those fears were not misplaced, as Obama oversaw the single greatest expansion of the National Debt EVER at 7.9 TRILLION and change.  Now the other team is outraged because they are afraid Trump is going to slap the dames in chains to their ovens.  So what are they doing?  Using the Tea Party as a model.  Which is hilarious to me on many levels, because the Tea Party was NOT done from the top down AT ALL.  I know this because I was active in the Tea Party movement for a long time.  But I'm going to share some high points for you today from the handy manual on how to be a better Anti-Trumper.  

SHOULD TEACHERS BE FORCED TO JOIN A UNION THEY DISAGREE WITH? There is a new case in California that says no.  I'll talk with Colin Sharkey from the Association of American Educators about a suit filed on behalf of plaintiffs who no longer want to be forced to pay dues to the California Teachers Association.  That's happening at 2. 

JOIN MY HUSBAND'S POLAR PLUNGE TEAM TO SUPPORT SPECIAL OLYMPICS!  My plunging days are over, but I will emceeing the Boulder Polar Plunge and Chuck would LOVE for you to join him.  He's especially interested in having veterans join his team and the only requirement is that you raise a measly $75 to support the cause.  Join his team by clicking here

IN CASE YOU WERE THINKING OF ATTACKING IRAN, THEY'VE MADE A MOVIE TO STOP YOU It sounds ridiculous (okay, it IS ridiculous) to say that Iran spent four years making an animated movie about how they would beat the US Navy if they launched an attack, but here you have it

LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER Chelsea Clinton wrote a book and it's a massive flop

CAN WE STOP POINTING TO DIVORCE RECORDS AS SOME SORT OF SMOKING GUN? Divorce is nasty business and during a divorce accusations are wielded as weapons.  And many times they are simply accusations designed to get a better settlement for the aggrieved spouse.  In the case of Andy Puzder, who may or may not be the next Labor Secretary, there were accusations made by his now ex-wife on an episode of Oprah that have now been unearthed to prove Puzder is a horrible person.  Except his ex wife retracted those things YEARS ago and no one in today's media seems to have noticed. 

FEELING BLUE ABOUT YOURSELF?  You need to watch this and do what Tom Shullie says. 

IF YOU DON'T WANT TRUMP WINES, DON'T BUY THEM.  BUT THEN.... If you are a progressive, it's not enough to make that choice, you must prevent everyone else from being ABLE to make that choice for themselves.  Hence the move to boycott regional grocery store chain Wegman's.  Why?  Because they have the nerve to offer choice to their customers.  Guess what?  If the wine doesn't sell, they will take it off the shelves.  It's not that hard, it's math.  

SORRY VEGANS, YOUR MONEY IS FULL OF MURDER IN THE UK! The new British bank notes being rolled out now contains a teensy tiny bit of tallow (which is rendered from beef) and vegan groups are having a cow.  Sorry, bad pun.  The British Treasury is saying sorry, but not sorry enough to stop the roll out. 

HUMANA CALLS IT QUITS ON THE STATE EXCHANGES Which means consumers will have even fewer choices than ever before.  But I'm sure Obamacare will be just fine.  

A WOMAN WHO HAS REPEATEDLY BROKEN OUR LAWS IS THE EXAMPLE OF WHY THE IMMIGRATION SYSTEM IS BROKEN??  The saga of She Who Will Not Be Deported continues as a woman scheduled to meet with Immigration officials this morning didn't show up and headed to a church for asylum.  Read this story.  We shall discuss. 

NOT SURE WHAT YOU LIKE BUT KNOW WHAT YOU HATE?  THIS IS THE DATING APP FOR YOU. There is a new dating app that matches people not by what they like, but by what they hate.  If Matt ever goes back on the market, this is the app for him. 

DO YOU KNOW THE ORIGIN OF THE BLUETOOTH SYMBOL?  I didn't either, until I watched this. 

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