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I LOVE CHEESE A LITTLE TOO MUCH And today's It's a Living Edition features Birgit Halbreiter from Mouco Cheese Company in Fort Collins.  Click here for more information about where you buy this delicious cheese! 

I DO NOT LIKE UNISEX BATHROOMS AND NOW I LIKE THEM EVEN LESS In order to cater to the TINY fraction of people who identify as transgender, stores of all sorts are going to unisex bathrooms.  And I hate this.  You know why?  Because about 70% of the time I walk into a unisex bathroom, the first thing I have to do is clean someone else's urine off the seat.  Sorry guys, but I hate you for this.  Sure, some women do squat and sway and make a mess.  But in a regular women's room I have to wipe away urine maybe 5% of the time.  And unisex bathrooms are making it easier for pervs to hide cameras and exploit women who use them.  But I'm sure that's worth it to make .6% of the US population feel better when they potty.  It's actually only .53% of the population in Colorado.  

COULD WE REPLACE GOVERNMENT WORKERS WITH ROBOTS? It's already happening in the private sector, so why not the public sector?  A study done on the British government by a Brit think tank says a whopping 90% of current civil service worker jobs are so pointless that they could be replaced easily by robots.  I'm sure a similar study could be done here.  

SHOULD WE FAT SHAME PEOPLE TO MAKE THEM LOSE WEIGHT?  This is one of Milo's most controversial positions, but it may have merit.  Now a television host who used to be fat is advocating fat shaming and says the fat acceptance movement is hurting people.  I am somewhat inclined to agree with him...partly.  

CONGRESS IS INVESTIGATING THE NOAA REPORT EXPOSED BY A WHISTLEBLOWER And maybe they can get to the bottom of whether or not the whistleblower is legit or if he's just a mad former employee.  After reading the report I think he has some legit concerns.  We shall see. 

GERMANY IS SPEEDING UP DEPORTATIONS OF "FAILED ASYLUM SEEKERS" Part of this is pure politics.  Angela Merkel is on the ropes and facing a tough re election campaign in September, but part of it is because the German people have had enough.  Interesting little fact I grabbed from this story:

"The United Nations reported in early February that civilian casualties in Afghanistan peaked in 2016, with nearly 11,500 non-combatants -- one third of them children -- killed or wounded."

If this isn't the clearest indictment of Obama's foreign policy ever, I don't know what is.  

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF IRANIANS GET TOGETHER FOR A "DEATH TO AMERICA" RALLY But please tell me again why we should not be telling people from there that they might not be welcome here?  Hundreds. Of. Thousands.

WHAT IS THE PERFECT WORK DAY LENGTH?  Of course, we in America work too much, but some Australian group analyzed the perfect work week.  What is it?  39 hours a week.  So tell your boss you are taking an extra hour off a week and see what happens.  

THIS IS MY FAVORITE NEW FACEBOOK PAGE! Because it's all about happy, sappy and wonderful stories.  Check it here. 



WORRIED ABOUT YOUR RACIST BABY?  There is a class for that at Evergreen College.  

INDIAN TEXTBOOKS SUCK WORSE THAN OURS DO And one of them told fourth graders to put kittens in an unventilated box UNTIL THEY DIE to prove that living beings need air to live.  Sure it's killing kittens, but SCIENCE!  

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