I am On the Road at Grand Prix Motorsports today!

WE ARE WRAPPING UP OUR FUNDRAISING TODAY! And if you haven't donated to the "Send the Mandy Connell Show Away" fund, time is running out!  The kind folks at Grand Prix Motorsports are having us out as our FIRST EXOTIC LOCALE! In Littleton, of course.  We are sort of stuck at just over $1500 bucks, so help us reach $2000, which would likely get us all the way to somewhere!  Click here to donate

GRAND PRIX MOTORSPORTS HAS HOOKED US UP WITH RIDICULOUSLY GOOD PRIZES TODAY! Check out this prize extravaganza that will be on hand for today's remote broadcast: 

Two “new rider course” certificates - $250 each

Slasher light bar w/harness - $125

 Black Brand ladies jacket - $300

 Variotronic electric sunglasses - $330

Oil Change - $75

Safety inspection - $75

Walter PPS w/ two boxes Warhorse branded ammo (this is a PERFECT conceal carry weapon)

$100 gift card to Warhorse Firearms

I sure hope it goes without saying that if you miss this remote, you are MISSING it, big time!  Come see me at Grand Prix Motorsports on W County Line just east of Santa Fe.  Click here for their website! 

HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO GET YOUR SWEETIE FOR VALENTINE'S DAY? I'VE GOT YOU COVERED ON TODAY'S SHOW  We are going to start by talking with my friend Gretchen from Denver Date Night.  She's got some great ideas for you on what to do for this special day.  If you want her to plan your date, just click here!  

Want to buy some chocolate that is not only delicious but also GOOD for you!  Julie Pech is The Chocolate Therapist and she joins me at 2 to talk chocolate.  Visit her shop on Main Street in downtown Littleton and find out more about her and The Chocolate Therapist by clicking here

Give the gift of confident safety for Valentine's Day!  My friend Karen Murray is an NRA firearms instructor who is the PERFECT person to teach your sweetheart how to protect herself (or himself too) which is the BEST gift you could give.  Sign up for her classes by clicking here.

I also have some surprises planned so don't miss a minute of it. 

WHAT IS THE BEST OR WORST VALENTINE'S GIFT YOU'VE EVER GOTTEN? I don't think I even remember a Valentine's gift, but I've never been one to get too caught up in this holiday.  

COULD WE REPLACE GOVERNMENT WORKERS WITH ROBOTS? It's already happening in the private sector, so why not the public sector?  A study done on the British government by a Brit think tank says a whopping 90% of current civil service worker jobs are so pointless that they could be replaced easily by robots.  I'm sure a similar study could be done here.  

HORRIFYING?  OR POTENTIALLY DELICIOUS?  YOU DECIDE! KFC is at it again, this time with a chicken pizza.  Yes, I said chicken pizza.  


I DO NOT LIKE UNISEX BATHROOMS AND NOW I LIKE THEM EVEN LESS In order to cater to the TINY fraction of people who identify as transgender, stores of all sorts are going to unisex bathrooms.  And I hate this.  You know why?  Because about 70% of the time I walk into a unisex bathroom, the first thing I have to do is clean someone else's urine off the seat.  Sorry guys, but I hate you for this.  Sure, some women do squat and sway and make a mess.  But in a regular women's room I have to wipe away urine maybe 5% of the time.  And unisex bathrooms are making it easier for pervs to hide cameras and exploit women who use them.  But I'm sure that's worth it to make .6% of the US population feel better when they potty.  It's actually only .53% of the population in Colorado.  

COLLEGE PROFESSOR SAYS HORRIBLE THINGS ABOUT TRUMP AND HIS VOTERS AND THE SCHOOL REACTS By forbidding students from recording professors saying horrible things about Trump and his voters.  Because the recordings "suppressed professors' free speech" and were likened to "Gestapo tactics".  Except neither of those things are true.  There is no guarantee that free speech will not draw a reaction or condemnation.  A professor's free speech is important, but there is nothing that says that free speech can't be shared or reacted to negatively.  It's funny that a teacher who is known to be difficult to conservative students who don't agree with her would use the phrase "Gestapo tactics", isn't it?

THE GENIUSES BEHIND THIS IS SPINAL TAP ARE SUING FOR SOME BIG MONEY This lawsuit goes to 11.  Four members of the cast are suing Vivendi SA for mismanagement and lying about accounting.  I know I've given them some serious cash over the years.  Here's hoping the little guys prevail on this one! 

WHY ARE JUDGES THE PEOPLE WHO SHALL NEVER BE CRITICIZED? I was just thinking this EXACT same thing and then I realize Rich Lowry wrote a great column asking the same question.  

HERE ARE 24 STUDIES ABOUT FOOD. Because science is delicious! 

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