A Bill I love AND Weather Wednesday! It's gonna be a GREAT day!

AN OHIO CONGRESSMAN IS TRYING TO REALLY AND TRULY DRAIN THE SWAMP And I love this guy even though I think this has a zero percent chance of passing.  What is Ohio's freshman Congressman proposing?  Rep. Warren Davidson has filed a bill that would, in part, require federal agencies in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area to develop a plan to relocate 90 percent of its offices outside the region.  How great is this???  Rep. Jason Chaffetz has a similar resolution, but I like this one better because it is potentially a law.   Rep. Davidson is on today at 1:30!

CHRIS SPEARS KNOWS WEATHER And he's in today at 3 for our monthly Weather Wednesday hour so get your weather questions ready for him at 3!  

COME SEE ME TOMORROW AT GRAND PRIX MOTORSPORTS!  I will be there doing the show from our first "exotic" location in Littleton!  Find them near the intersection of Dry Creek and Santa Fe and be sure to stop by because they have given me EPIC prizes to give out!  EPIC.  Click here to find out more!

I'M OVER THE HISTRIONICS ABOUT BETSY DEVOS BEING EDUCATION SECRETARY So much so that I threw this up on my PERSONAL Facebook page, which I normally don't do:

For everyone freaking out about DeVos and alleging that she ONLY got the job because of how she donates, please check this handy article from OpenSecrets.org on how much teacher unions donated in 2016 and beyond. And please take note of WHERE the money went. It is obvious to me that many believe money is only bad when it's spent by someone they disagree with, because I certainly don't remember seeing any outrage by any of you about the NEA and the ATF, the 2 largest teacher's unions spending $33,032,230 in 2015-16. Out of that over 33 million, $294,200 was given to Republicans. But I'm sure another NEA or ATF pick would have been dying to reform aspects of education that aren't working, right? I also challenge all of you to read a collective bargaining agreement from pretty much any school district and share the part where they talk about student achievement, union-led professional development, or making it easier to fire bad teachers. Because it isn't there. Anywhere. Teachers unions have a job and that is to protect teachers. It's about time we have someone in the job who cares about students more.

SHOULD TEACHERS WEAR BODY CAMERAS IN CLASS? This idea intrigues me.  In England it is a test program you can read a couple of paragraphs about here (the rest is behind a registration wall) but you get the gist.  These are the same body cameras worn by cops, the teachers give notice before turning them on and they are designed to catch the kind of low level constant disruptions that prevent  teacher from being able to effectively teach.  It would certainly be harder for irresponsible parents to deny that their precious offspring are acting like jerks.  I'm sort of for this in certain schools where behavior is a serious issue.  

OF COURSE THE GOVERNMENT DOESN'T TRACK CREDIT CARD FRAUD.  And now we have a case of a many working for the USGS who tried to pay his TUITION at the School of Mines with his MULTIPLE government issued credit cards.  This story is a doozy. 

WE ARE DISTRACTED DRIVING OURSELVES TO DEATH And I mean that literally.  Traffic fatalities are WAY up in Colorado and CDOT Executive Director Shalin Bhatt says it's because we can't put down our phones and just drive.  

WHAT'S REALLY KILLING OUR BUMBLEBEES? It doesn't seem to be Roundup.  It seems to be a parasite that has been around forever that somehow has morphed into a super parasite.  Why?  Because we began to trade in bees commercially.  It's more complicated than this, and you can read the whole thing here. 

 I'LL DESCRIBE HOW ACTUAL FASCISTS ACTED, AND YOU TELL ME WHO SOUNDS MORE LIKE A FASCIST, K?  This column explaining very clearly how and why Trump isn't a fascist contains some fun facts about how actual fascists acted.  Like this:

"Indeed, after the Nazis gained 95 seats in the 1930 elections, they would routinely disrupt proceedings in the German Reichstag by shouting down speakers, throwing debris from balconies, and generally raising hell."

Huh, this certainly doesn't sound like Republicans, but does closely resemble the conniption fits being thrown by the Left, doesn't it?  Read the whole column here.


WHEN THE PROGRESSIVE LEFT BECOMES THE REGRESSIVE LEFT, WHAT HAPPENS?  It lead to one noted progressive to leave the fold.  I'm sure he's going to get lambasted by his former fan base.  Watch this.  

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