PERA needs some more fixin' and Walker Stapleton has some suggestions

ADMITTING YOU HAVE A PROBLEM IS THE FIRST STEP TO FIXING IT And after YEARS of telling retirees that PERA was doing just fine the board finally admitted the rosy projections they have been counting on to shore up the fund are just that...too rosy.  Treasurer Walker Stapleton has a plan.  He's on at 3pm today.

ASPEN DOESN'T WANT YOUR NASTY CHAIN STORES, GOT THAT? It must be nice to live in the bubble that is Aspen.  Over the last month or so, coming off a year long moratorium on building commercial development, Aspen is now making it harder for new business to come to Aspen.  And God forbid you are a *GASP* chain store. No such riff raff will be allowed to disturb the winter playground of the rich and famous.  HEATHENS!  

BUT NOT TO BE OUTDONE, BOULDER IS ACTING ALL CRAY CRAY TOO And the issue in Boulder is the never-ending move to create a municipal electricity vendor.  They are striking deals that are going to CRUSH the people of Boulder who sign up for this thing if Xcel (a private business with a profit motive) finds a way to lower prices for CU-Boulder.  But I'm sure the muni electrical vendor (with no profit motive) will simply find a way to make taxpayers pay more.   Any time a sweetheart deal gets struck with a university the taxpayers get screwed.  I have precedence for that statement!

WHY IS AUTHORITARIANISM THE TOPIC DU JOUR IN LEFT WING CIRCLES? For the same reasons it was the topic du jour in 2008 when a man many believed to be a socialist intent on destroying America took office.  This column does a nice job of explaining the motives behind, not the least of which is, it's fun! 

NANCY PELOSI IS STILL BLAMING BUSH It's not surprising really, the words just roll off her tongue.

DEMOCRATS THINK CHRISTIANITY IS AS VIOLENT AS ISLAM. Uh, what?  The question was, do you think Islam is more violent than other religions.  Democrats say it's "about the same" level of violence as Christianity to the tune of 66%.  Because the Catholics are killing people all over the world right now for doing things like leaving the faith, or not believing, amiright???  I don't see how you can consider yourself an educated person and come to this conclusion, just based on what is happening world wide RIGHT NOW.  This is just anti-Christian bigotry.  Which is the only kind of bigotry that is a-okay with the tolerant Left.  


BETSY DEVOS IS CONFIRMED BY A MIKE PENCE VOTE And the Democrats and all the teachers and others complaining about this have no one to blame but themselves.  Had Harry Reid not blown up the filibuster, this nomination could have been stopped.  And oddly, I don't remember any of those folks complaining when he blew it up in the first place. 

THE WORLD BANK IS ANOTHER WELL-INTENTIONED HOT MESS THAT INCREASES SUFFERING This series from the Huffington Post is a must read for people who value results when it comes to helping people.  It seems that the World Bank, whose mission is ostensibly to "End Poverty" instead has displaced, either physically or economically, 3.4 MILLION people.  But that's not all!  They give money to countries and businesses who have been accused of huge human rights violations too!  This UN attached project is yet another disaster.  

HOLY COW, CHRISTIE BRINKLEY LOOKS SO GOOD AT 63 IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY She posed for Sport Illustrated with her two daughters and she looks amazing.  

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