Congratulations to the Patriots (gag).

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE PROTESTS AT THE SUPER BOWL? Yeah, me neither, but here are some pictures if you care.  

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE TRUMP PHONE CALLS WITH AUSTRALIA AND MEXICO?  Yeah, me too.   But I would be surprised if we continued to hear such garbage about what's happening in the White House as Trump is busy shedding former staffers who seem to the ones leaking.  I call it "garbage" because if you read the responses from Australia's PM and the President of Mexico about the calls, you would call it garbage too.  


HOW BAD IS YOUR PASSWORD?   I am super paranoid about my passwords.  I have figured out a methodology that works for me in terms of creating unique passwords but I still don't change them as often as I should.  I am very happy to report, however, that my password isn't as bad as any of these. 

THE TOLERANT LEFT IS NOW INTO WHATEVER-SHAMING Just a few short years ago, it was verboten in liberal circles to pass judgment on anything.  Think single motherhood is a bad choice?  Don't shame brave women who were deserted by men!  Think performers acting like sleazy whores is not appropriate?  Don't slut shame these women who took control of their sexuality?  Think using the made up pronoun "ze" is moronic?  Don't gender shame these brave ze persons who are owning their fluidity!  Now shaming has a new home, and it's on the left.  From the numerous attacks on Melania Trump's modeling past (she's a whore!) or the attacks on Barron Trump and whether or not he's "on the spectrum" shaming is HOT now!  Just ask the Jews who are being shamed for supporting Trump. 

IS TRUMP'S EO PAUSING IMMIGRATION CONSTITUTIONAL?  We will get an answer to this question as it seems to be headed to the Supreme Court as we speak.  According to this Byron York column, the Justice Department has done a solid job defending the Constitutionality of it in their response to the judge's ruling. 

NOAA WROTE A REPORT IT KNEW WAS FLAWED TO BUST THE CLIMATE "PAUSE"  People wonder why I'm a man made climate change skeptic.  It's because of stories like this.  If the "science" is actually on your side, why do you have lie/make up data/work to prevent contrary opinions from coming out?   

A FLOOD OF UNDOCUMENTED PEOPLE ARE FLOWING INTO...CANADA?  Canada is seeing a dramatic uptick in the number of people wandering over the border and asking for asylum.  I sure hope PM Trudeau is ready.  

AUDI PIMPS VICTIM HOOD IN THEIR SUPERBOWL AD I didn't see many Super Bowl ads because I was doing stuff, but I did catch the Audi "Women are Victims" ad.  Watch it. 

To be clear, this is supposed to make us believe that women are simply victims of an unfair system and they have no hope, so why bother trying, amiright?  Here's a suggestion to the idiot dad in this spot.  Tell your daughter she can accomplish anything.  Some things are going to be REALLY, REALLY hard, but with hard work and determination, you can succeed.  Try that on for size, idiot dad. 

THE FAKE NEWS IS COMING FAST AND FURIOUS ABOUT THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION! The Daily Caller went and did something I wanted to do but was too lazy, and that was gathering up the fake news stories and their subsequent corrections by various allegedly credible news organizations

HOW LONG IS TOO LONG ON AN AIRPLANE? We have a new longest flight in the WORLD!  It's Doha in Qatar to Auckland, New Zealand.  The entire flight took about 16 hours and 10 minutes, USA Today reports, while the return flight will take about 17 hours and 30 minutes because of changing headwinds.  As a former flight attendant, I say that's too long.  But maybe if I weren't working it, I'd feel differently.  

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