You Know What? I am Mad. Really, Really Mad.

IF YOU ONLY PROTECT SPEECH THAT AGREES WITH YOU YOU DON’T PROTECT OR RESPECT FREE SPEECH.  PERIOD.  EXCLAMATION POINT. The notion that a speaker on a college campus should be protested because the precious snowflakes might be offended by what the speaker has to say is horrific.  The notion that people should cheer such action is equally horrific.  Free speech is like anything else that is free, messy, difficult and worthy of the challenge to our own ideals.  Dare I ask why these college children, because that is what they are, children, are the new deciders of what people can and can’t say?  Most of them can’t even text in full words.  This must be fought back against in a BIG way.  Imagine if protesters of foul and hateful language showed up at the Women’s March?  And burned down the stage when Madonna said she wanted to burn down the White House?  But they didn’t because FREE SPEECH.  Of course she was investigated for threatening the President, but she earned that.  Ashley Judd was NOT, because FREE SPEECH.  It’s not hard to understand.  Unless you’re an infantilized college student who believes you know what’s best for everyone.  Tyranny is AWESOME if you’re on the right side of it, amiright???  And if you’re not, we will make damn sure you are sufficiently shouted down and kept from expressing any thoughts that might be contrary to the accepted dogma. 

IN ORDER TO PROTECT THE IDIOT STUDENTS WHO HELPED BURN DOWN BERKELEY LAST NIGHT The Washington Post has a great story on how it’s NOT REALLY THE STUDENTS doing it.  Yes, hundreds of students showed up to stop a speech by someone they disagreed with, but when things got out of hand and people started shooting fireworks at cops and set things on fire, we’re supposed to believe that all of those students are innocent.  Bull crapamoley.  Mob mentality takes over and those students bear as much of the blame for last night’s events as the black hooded thugs who only came to start trouble.  Here is some expletive laced footage of last night's event.  My favorite one is the one where the girl in the Trump hat, who is giving an interview to TV, get's pepper sprayed by someone else.  

REPUBLICANS DID ACT LIKE CHILDREN WHEN OBAMA WAS IN OFFICE! I stated Monday that Democrats were acting like children by not showing up at committee meetings to confirm appointees.  A listener has now provided me with proof that they learned it from Republicans.  Who also acted like children over Obama's EPA pick.   She's been a disaster, by the way, but that's not the point of this entry. Mea Culpa for not knowing this!

NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT… I need a bet for Matt and I for the Super Bowl, we will take your calls today! 

SEND THE MANDY CONNELL SHOW AWAY!  You may have noticed that the morning show went to DC and now fantasy baseball camp while the afternoon team is at the Super Bowl.  So I'm striking back and I need your help!  Make a (generous) donation by clicking here so we can hit the road! 

WOULD YOU LIKE A SIDECAR WITH YOUR GOOBERS?  As movie theaters are trying to woo back customers who all own 55 inch tvs and comfortable couches, they are trying all kinds of new stuff.  From recliners to booze, there are new offerings to tempt you to come back. Have movie theaters hit their peak?  For me they have.  But then again, they don't make movies for me anymore. 

YES, MELANIA IS MOVING TO THE WHITE HOUSE After the school year is over.  I find it funny that people are taking her desire to put her son first as some kind of secret sign she hates her husband.  I could understand if she hated DC, but I'm sure she will suck it up appropriately.  

IS BABY DAVE LAUER CUTER THAN THE NEW GERBER BABY?  Dave says YES and I say...maybe.  Check for yourself. 

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WHEN YOU'RE 100?  World War II era singer Vera Lynn is releasing a new album to celebrate her 100th birthday and set a new record.  All the recordings would not be new, but some would, which is amazing.  Good for you, Vera Lynn! 

SARAH SILVERMAN IS A MORON And now she's calling for a military coup to unseat Trump.  Too bad she doesn't realize who the military voted for

HAVE A HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!  Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow so there's more winter coming our way.  But this should make you happy, all the Ned scenes from Groundhog Day.

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