A Congressman, An Investigative Report on Crime and the Garden show!

WE HAVE A NOMINEE AND NO, DEMOCRATS WON'T FILIBUSTER HIM All the bluster coming from Democrats is all theater.  They won't block Gorsuch for a few reasons, not the least of which is that many Senators from their party are up for re election in two years in states that voted overwhelmingly for Trump.  So there's that.  Second, Gorsuch doesn't change the balance of the court.  Now the NEXT nominee Trump makes could be a very different story if a liberal justice dies.   But damn this is gonna be fun to watch! 

CONGRESSMAN KEN BUCK ON AT 1:35 To talk about Judge Gorsuch and the rest of the stuff President Trump is up to.  

WHAT IS FUELING GUN VIOLENCE IN SOME MAJOR CITIES?  Could it be the Mexican drug cartels pushing Mexican heroin on our streets?  Journalist Shawn Kennedy makes that case in this investigative report of the surging violence in places like Chicago and St. Louis.  He's on today at 2 to discuss it. 

YOU MUST GO TO THE COLORADO GARDEN AND HOME SHOW!  If you've got a project coming up, this is the place to go to find the help you need and some GREAT ideas!  Jim Fricke is on today at 3 to discuss it and you can find out more by clicking here.

TRUMP IS WRONG ON THIS He is urging Sen. Mitch McConnell to "go nuclear" if Dems hold up the confirmation of Judge Gorsuch. This is a BAD idea.  Why?  Because even though some think the GOP will always be in charge they won't be, and they need to be able to argue that they should have the right to filibuster a Democrat nominee if need be.  Just ask the Democrats how they are enjoying the elimination of the filibuster for Cabinet appointees about now.   

SOCIAL MEDIA IS SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF US And here's some data that might be a wake up call for some.  One thing I don't understand is the need to compare ourselves to other people instead of being happy and grateful for our own lives and health.  Read the ugly numbers here

IMAGINE IF I SAID MUSLIMS "INFEST" THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION I can only IMAGINE the hate mail and demands for an apology.  But when a Columbia University professor of modern arab studies does it, meh.  Oh, my bad, he said it about JEWS, not Muslims.  So it's okay, amiright? 

VEGETABLE OIL IS THE DEVIL NOW! Not Olive oil or Coconut oil, just the myriad of other vegetable based oils you are probably using these days.  


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