Trump Ain't Taking No for an Answer

DON'T WANT TO DO YOUR JOB?  G'BYE.  The acting Attorney General decided to make herself judge and jury and decided to not enforce the temporary ban on immigration from 7 countries.  So Trump fired her.  There's a new sheriff in town and he doesn't play or give a crap about the way things have been done in the past.  He's nothing if not bold. 

BECAUSE TEMPER TANTRUMS BY ELECTED DEMOCRATS ALWAYS WORKS Knowing they are powerless to stop any cabinet appointments because of rules changes put in place by their former leader Harry Reid, the Democrats in the Senate are "acting like idiots" and not showing up to committee meetings so a quorum is denied and the appointments can't proceed.  

THE LEFT JUST REALIZED THERE ARE SOLDIERS IN HARM'S WAY As evidenced by this column on how the EO on immigration has left some Iraqis and Afghans in limbo temporarily.  All of sudden, there is concern for how this will play on the battlefield.  There was none of this when Obama drew his red line in the sand and hung our Iraqi allies out to dry by his precipitous departure from Iraq.  But now that they can invoke concern for our troops, well hell's bells, there they are.  

EVERYONE WANTS THE PATRIOTS TO LOSE.  WELL ALMOST EVERYONE. And this is NOT speculation, we have polling data!  Polling data, people!! This poll shows that the Patriots are the most hated team ever.  Heh. 

SPEAKING OF HOW MUCH TOM BRADY SUCKS, SO DOES HIS DIET And his alkaline diet is being criticized for being based on junk science, but hey, he's still playing in the Super Bowl in his late 30s, so if it works for him who I am to criticize?

NOW WE'RE BACK TO EATING BREAKFAST AGAIN Remember when breakfast was the MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY? Well those claims have come under fire in recent years because they were based on a rather lackadaisical study and used by companies who make breakfast food to sell us...well...breakfast food.  But now breakfast may be back! There are new studies underway that say people who eat breakfast may REALLY be healthier after all.

THE CESSPOOL OF THE INTERNET IS CLEANING UP IT'S ACT.  MAYBE. Twitter is saying it is going to get tough on abuse on the site.  They have said this before, and it will be interesting to see if it's only mean people on the right (like Milo) who get cleaned up.   

KIDS, THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULDN'T DO DRUGS Because you may end up stupid enough to call the cops when your dealer jacks up the price of weed.  

THE BLOODSHED IN AMERICAN STREETS ISN'T CAUSED BY GUNS, IT CAUSED BY DRUGS  This investigative piece on gun crime in America is incredibly illuminating.  In it the case is made, quite convincingly, that Mexican drug cartels selling heroin are at the root of the violence in Chicago and St. Louis.  Fun fact: did you know heroin killed more people than guns in 2015?  We should make heroin illegal.  That should do it.  

THIS IS THE BEST BLOG YOU AREN'T READING. I just got hip to Scott Adams' blog the other day and I'm glad I did.  His analysis of the Trump Administration and those who oppose it is really, really good.  We'll see if he's right over time, but it makes a whole lot of sense.  You may know Scott Adams for his comic Dilbert, but you should really know Scott Adams for his blog. 



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