It's a Living: Retro Edition!

IT'S A LIVING: RETRO EDITION! When we recently did a show about what foods people missed someone brought up the old Jolly Rancher factory and how amazing it made things smell in Denver.  Well the man who locked the doors on the old factory for the last time got in touch and he's on today to talk all things Jolly Rancher!  Join us at 3! 

THE KIDS TODAY AND THEIR FANCY LINGO Have you been "breadcrumbed"?  Do you not even know what being breadcrumbed is?  Join the club, I didn't know either. But thanks to USA Today, I now know.

I was thinking of some of the stuff I used to say as a kid and must admit, this is far more creative than rad. 

THIS JUDGE IS NOTHING IF NOT CREATIVE A judge in Spain is known for giving out creative sentences to keep young people out of jail.  When a 16 year old broke into a hair salon he was sentenced to learning how to cut hair.  The best part?  The young man has to cut the judge's hair when he gets done with his training.

REPUBLICANS ARE TRYING TO GET HEALTHCARE REFORM RIGHT AND THE WASHINGTON POST CALLS IT "FRETTING" This article in the Washington Post has my hackles up.  The WaPo is quickly proving itself to be completely unable to refrain from editorial content either in the story or the headline.  Today's example is the headline: 

Behind closed doors, Republican lawmakers fret about how to repeal Obamacare

So I read the story thinking Republicans were freaking out about repealing Obamacare and you know what I found?  I found Republicans discussing issues and concerns about how to protect people and give them the best healthcare program they can figure out so people could actually afford to get health insurance again.  Not "fretting".  This is how government is done, people, when it's done properly.  

IS THE MASS EXODUS AT THE STATE DEPARTMENT A BAD THING? I don't think so, and neither does this columnist in the New York Post.  The old notion that someone is irreplaceable is nothing but hot garbage.  Even people with high level knowledge of how an intransigent bureaucracy is supposed to work. 

FRANCE IS GOING AFTER THE FATTIES WHO DRINK SODA By not only using a soda tax, but also telling businesses they can't offer all-you-can-drink sodas to customers.  

HOW HAS OUR MINIMUM WAGE VOTE ALREADY IMPACTED BUSINESSES? It sure is nice that voters decided that other people need to make more money.  By raising the minimum wage in Colorado, they probably felt good about themselves.  And it's already having an impact.  

UNION MEMBERSHIP IS AT A MODERN DAY LOW And most unionized people work for you, the taxpayer.  Let that sink in for a moment. 

STORE BOUGHT TOMATOES DON'T TASTE GOOD, BUT SCIENTISTS ARE TRYING TO FIX THAT By putting genes for flavor BACK into store bought tomatoes.  And they wonder why heirlooms are such a big thing now. 

THIS FEDEX DRIVER IS THE MAN AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED Idiot protesters were trying to burn a flag in protest, but a Fed Ex driver was having none of it.  The language is NSFW but you can watch it without the volume and see exactly what's going on just fine.  This guy deserves a medal!


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