Why Aren't All Students Funded the Same in Colorado?



SENATOR OWEN HILL IS ON TO TALK EDUCATION FUNDING And many of you may not realize that education funding is still no equal in Colorado when it comes to kids in charter schools.  He and Senator Angela Williams are trying to fix that. 

MEDICAID IS GOING TO BRING DOWN THE BUDGET And I am genuinely confused about this editorial from the Denver Post.  I'm not saying it's wrong, I'm just saying I'm confused.  In it the author asserts that the massive budget hole created by a 5.4% increase in Medicaid recipients isn't caused AT ALL by the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare.  She goes on to say it's all the people who would have qualified for Medicaid anyway, but only signed up when they were forced to buy insurance and found out they qualified.  I just can't understand how an additional 400,000 people who joined under the expanded requirements don't impact the budget.  Can anyone explain this to me? 

SO I WENT TO SEE MILO LAST NIGHT And I will give you my thoughts about Milo and his talk and a whole bunch of other stuff.  Stuff like the crap coverage by some local news outlets. Hats off to 9News for the most accurate reporting on the night. 


Our friends at CBS4 did a relatively fair job, although the note that Milo was wearing "white" had a KKK overtone to it.  


But Fox 31 KDVR's coverage was hot, biased garbage and I can't embed the video so you have to click this link to watch it.   This disappoints me greatly because they generally do a pretty fair job. 

DONALD TRUMP IS BRINGING CIVILITY BACK?  That is my takeaway from this story on Roll Call about how President Trump is meeting with friends and foes alike from Capitol Hill as he gears up to get his agenda rolling.  This article has a pleasant tone to it.  That surprised me. 

THE ENTIRE SENIOR STAFF OF THE STATE DEPARTMENT JUST RESIGNED And this is no joke.  There is a thing called institutional memory and it can't be replaced once it walks out the door.  And a crapload of it just walked out the door.  Of course this story in the Washington Post presents it as the end of the world, but we'll see how Rex Tillerson deals with this.  And we'll see if we have any embarrassing or dangerous things occur during the transition.  But since this team was probably responsible for not sending more security to Benghazi, I'm not sure what worse could go wrong than that. 

NOW YOUR BAG OF CHIPS CAN PREVENT  DUI.  FOR REAL. This is freaking amazing.  Tostitos is putting out a bag for the Super Bowl that can tell if you've been drinking and give you and Uber code to use.  Read all about it here

CURSIVE IS MAKING A COMEBACK!! This story excites me!  Yes, excites me!  Not teaching children cursive is a terrible mistake for a whole host of reasons, but more and more states are requiring it once again.  Read about the myriad of benefits of learning cursive here.

REMEMBER THAT DELIGHTFUL LITTLE FIRE STARTING SCAMP AT THE INAUGURATION? It appears that he was Drew Carey's son.  Considering his dad is a pretty solid libertarian and not a left wing dude, this apparently didn't go over well with the kid's parents.  

COULD WE HAVE A NATIONAL HOLIDAY BECAUSE OF FOOTBALL?  The Heinz company is trying to gin up interest in making the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday called "Smunday".  Of course this is a publicity stunt, but who thinks it's a great idea?  

DEMS ARE TRYING TO TAKE THE NUCLEAR CODES AWAY FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP And I'm sure this is the first of a million just-for-show bills that Democrats up for re-election in two years will run to show their constituents how serious they are about opposing Trump.  Yawn. 

RACIST LAB EQUIPMENT IS RAMPANT ON THIS COLLEGE CAMPUS!! Bowling Green State University in Ohio is harboring racist lab equipment.  Just go here and read the story it's too stupid for me to relay.  

Mandy Connell


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