On the Roads Again with Shailen Bhatt


IT'S TIME FOR ON THE ROADS AGAIN WITH SHAILEN BHATT FROM CDOT And there has been some big news about expanding I-25 to the South and a study to tax drivers by the mile, not the gallon.  The Denver Post weighed in on the latter here. 

IT'S SCHOOL CHOICE WEEK AND THERE IS A RALLY AT THE CAPITOL! The Independence Institute's Pam Benigno joins me at 3 today to talk about the state of school choice in Colorado and the rally tomorrow to support school choice at the Capitol tomorrow.  Here's a flyer:

I'M HEADING TO BOULDER TONIGHT TO SEE MILO And if you don't know who Milo is, he's a gay, conservative Jew who is one of the biggest flamethrowers around.  His "Dangerous Faggot Tour" has caused a ruckus wherever it goes.  He's been banned for life from Twitter for goodness sake.  Though I am not a huge fan of his style, I honestly want to go for the circus tonight at CU-Boulder.  Is that wrong?

THE SHAPE OF YOUR BRAIN COULD REVEAL IF YOU ARE A JERK I find this somehow fascinating because in a way, it harkens back to the old pseudoscience of phrenology.  Scientists in Italy have no shown correlation between brain shape and certain personality traits.  My brain is shaped like awesomeness, by the way. 

A DENVER SECRET SERVICE AGENT MAY BE UNABLE TO DO HER JOB At least according to some comments she posted and later deleted on her Facebook page.  To say the least, Special Agent in Charge Kerry O'Grady is NOT a fan of our new President.  And as far as I'm concerned, that's okay.  However, when she says she would rather go to jail than take a bullet for our President, which is sort of in the job description, it becomes a problem.  

TRUMP SPREADS FREEDOM OF SPEECH AROUND THE WORLD!  Okay, TECHNICALLY Trump didn't have anything to do with Germany abolishing restrictions on criticizing leaders from around the world (it has to do with Turkey) but I'm sure this will be painted that way. 


IF YOU THINK TRUMP IS CRAY CRAY TALKING ABOUT RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD Then you should be welcoming "major investigation" into whether or not it's happening, right?  I'm all for it, because I happen to believe voter fraud is a thing, but I'm also not sure that is as much of a thing as Trump believes it is.  But hey, let's find out, right?  

BRIDGING THE GAP, ONE KIND NOTE AND GIANT TIP AT A TIME This story out of DC is lovely, and a waitress not only has a new viewpoint of who Trump supporters are, but a chunk of cash to help herself get some new digs.  

ABC NEWS GETS CAUGHT MAKING FAKE NEWS Because you can make something that is quite nice seem quite bad with the right kind of editing.  Ari Fleischer called them out on it though. 

YOUR TAX DOLLARS WILL FUND PALESTINIAN ROCKET ATTACKS.  THANKS, OBAMA!  In a final FU to Israel, Obama gave $221 million bucks of YOUR MONEY AND MINE to the Palestinian Authority.  Read this very old article to get an idea of how much money has been sent to the PA from all over the world up to 2007.  It's STAGGERING.  If that money HAD been used for infrastructure and things to actually build an economy, the Palestinians would be in a much better position right now, don't you think?  But never fear, President Trump's State Department has just re-frozen those funds

RIP MARY TYLER MOORE She passed away today at the age of 80.  And I'm guessing she was plucky right up until her death.  

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