Buffett stops Colorado woman from ‘Marijuanaville’

According to www.gtlaw.com, Jimmy Buffett and his “Margaritaville” empire won a ruling this week that prohibits a Colorado woman from registering “Marijuanaville” as a trademark.  The decision stated that both terms call to mind “a chemically induced mental paradise.”

Aurora resident Rachel Bevis attempted to register Marijuanaville as a trademark for retail, but the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board decided the name was similar to the title of Buffett’s famous song, which he has extended into additionall businesses

The board concluded consumers would likely think businesess wtih the name name would be an “extension of [Buffett]’s lifestyle brand.” 

(SOURCE: www.gtlaw.com) 

Get Full atricle here: http://bit.ly/2moPYwj

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