Gov. Creates Council for Recreation & Conservation


Colorado's outdoor recreation industry is booming.  In 2017, the industry contributed 62 billion dollars to our economy, and provided 511,000 jobs.  On Friday, Governor John Hickenlooper announced that at least 10 percent of the state's  Gross Domestic Product comes from the outdoor recreation industry.  His newest Executive Order creates a new council focused on promoting outdoor recreation and conservation.

"Coloradans and visitors are taking advantage of our beautiful outdoor spaces," said Hickenlooper.  "Our goal is to ensure every Coloradan has access to outdoor opportunities our state has to offer.  This executive order moves us another step closer to that goal."

The Governor launched the "Colorado the Beautiful" initiative in 2015 with the vision that every Coloradan lives within 10 minutes of a park, trail or open space.  The new council will work with that goal in mind to advance sustainable recreation options.

"92 percent of all Coloradans recreate outdoors in some fashion at least once every couple of weeks," said Hickenlooper.  "That's why this focus on outdoor recreation is so important.  And its really also critical to our state economy."

Hickenlooper cited collaboration between state agencies as being one of the reasons our outdoor recreation industry has succeeded. 

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