DIA Workers Take Another Step For Higher Wages

15 for DIA Rally

(Photo: Connor Shreve/KOA News Radio)

A group of D.I.A. workers took another step towards getting it's issue to the May 2019 city-wide ballot, by submitting petition signatures Tuesday morning.  15 for D.I.A. wants airport workers to make no less than 15 dollars per hour by the year 2021.  Workers like United's Teresita Felix believe they should share in the airport's success.

"We have 20 people living with us, just so we can pay rent," Felix said.  "With 15 dollars, I'd be saving money and I would get my own place.  Right now it's too cramped and I have no space."

A spokesperson said there are more than 6,000 airport workers who make less than $15 per hour in Denver right now.


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