Colorado Company Launches first 'Zero-Waste' Trip

Colin McNulty: Photographing Mammoth Hot Springs

(Photo: Colin McNulty/Natural Habitat Adventures)

Boulder outfitter Natural Habitat Adventures is taking the oft-repeated 'leave no trace' philosophy a step further in 2019.

Offering a 'make no waste' Yellowstone excursion, the company will challenge it's 14 guests to recycle, upcycle, re-use and compost up to 99% of their waste.  The inclusive vacation starts at $5,695. 

I think there's a demand," said Benji Backer, owner and founder of The American Conservation Commission.  "The polls show that this is the number one issue for young people.  72% of millennials are willing to pay more for something if it's sustainable."

Natural Habitat Adventures hopes other tour operators follow suit.

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