Mayor Hancock Gets a New Challenger

Former State Senator, Penfield Tate,  says he will challenge Denver Mayor Michael Hancock  next May. 

Tate says he could do a better job than Mayor Hancock is doing to keep the character of Denver neighborhoods and to make sure there is affordable housing in the city.

Mayor Hancock says he's not surprised  the field of candidates is getting larger. He says being Mayor of Denver is a great job and he can understand why many would be want the job.

On the affordable housing issue, Hancock says his administration has helped create a quarter of all the affordable housing units in Denver.

Tate says many people in Denver feel gentrification is forcing people out of their neighborhoods. He feels the development of the city is out of balance.Other announced candidates for mayor are Kayvan Khalatbari, Ken Simpson, Marcus Giavanni, and Kalyn Hefferman. 

PenField Tate
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