RTD Wants You...To Ditch Your Car For One Month

A transportation collective made up of Lyft, the Regional Transportation District and Zipcar are announcing 'Ditch Your Car,' a program in Denver offering transportation credit to each of 50 people who pledge to give up their cars for 30 days, starting Oct, 8.  Denver residents will be able to register at ditchwithlyft.com/Denver for the opportunity to receive $751 of transportation credit toward the use of Lyft, Zipcar and RTD.


Cohen added that Lyft believes cities should be built around people, not cars or parking lots. Using a mix of multimodal options, it’s possible to rework cities and ditch personal cars. Lyft says it wants to help reduce congestion, carbon footprint and the pain points of personal car ownership in Denver.

"The mobility opportunities taking place in transit at a national level are unprecedented, with providers everywhere determining how their services fit into a broader delivery picture that meets the needs of riders," said RTD CEO and General Manager Dave Genova. "As a regional provider, our agency is uniquely positioned to be the mobility integrator for the Denver metro region. The future of mobility hinges on our ability to work together. We are excited to partner with Lyft on this initiative and will be eager to glean new insights from this collaboration that stand to benefit all involved – foremost being the public we serve."

 “Every day, more and more people ditch their personal cars in Denver and instead use a range of mobility options to get around, from car sharing to ride-hailing,” said Forrest Neilson, Zipcar Regional General Manager, Central. “We’re excited to join Lyft in this fun 30-day challenge that’ll encourage even more Denverites to go car-free. At Zipcar, we’re big fans of any effort to make it easier to live without a personal car.”

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