CDOT Launches Teen Driving Campaign

Now that teenagers are back in school CDOT is launching a campaign to let new drivers know there are special laws that apply to them. They're called Graduated Driving Licensing laws and they were implemented in 1999 to reduce teen driving accidents and deaths.

The laws help cut death rates but last year teen deaths started to tick upward. 67 young people were killed on Colorado roads, the highest number since 2008.

Now CDOT is using social media and a poster campaign to reach teen drivers and their parents to inform them about the GDL laws.

The laws do the following :

1) Makes seat belt use for teen drivers and passengers mandatory.

2) Bans the use of cell phones.

3) Bans driving with a passenger under age 21 for the first six months. Allows for one passenger under age 21 for the following six months 

You can get more information at COTEENDRIVER.COM

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