Home Prices in Metro Denver Slow Slightly

Zillow's July housing numbers show home value growth is slowing in the country's hottest housing markets.  For example, a year ago, Seattle led the nation in home value growth...it is now number 12 on that list.  Portland is another market that's been white hot and is now cooling.  Here in metro Denver, Zillow says home values rose 7 point 1 percent over the past year, down  from 8 point 7 percent the previous year.  Still, the average rate of home value growth right now is 5 point 2 percent, and that is still higher than the national average, and there are 8 point 3 percent fewer homes on the market in Denver today than there were a year ago.  If you're renting, median rent prices went up 1 point three percent over the past year, pretty much doubling the rate of increase form the previous year.

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