Adams County Spaceport has Okay to Go

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted Adams County a license to operate a spaceport at Front Range Airport. With the license in hand, the county is renaming the airport the Colorado Air and Space Port.  The license is the 11th granted in the United States.

The plan is to make the airport a hub for space planes. The planes would take off just as regular planes do and head to an area over Kansas where jet engines would be fired to get into suborbital flight. They would return to the spaceport and land like a traditional plane.

It could take five to ten years to find companies to develop space planes and operate the spaceport. 

Adams County hopes to attract space-related companies to the airport which has a thousand acres available for expansion.  The county has already produced a video pitch which includes a clever tag line about altitude.  The video tells those seeking to fly in space "The first mile is free." 

CO Air and Spaceport Logo
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