Vong Murder: Jennie Brunsom (16) is the Suspect

The name of the 16-year-old accused of killing 7-year-old Jordan Vong has been released. Jennie Brunsom is the boy's aunt. She is being charged as an adult with first degree murder and and murder by a person in position of trust. She is due to make a court appearance on Thursday at 8:30 a.m.

According to court documents, Brunsom told Denver police Jordan wanted to play video games. He became upset when she refused and laid on her bed. When she pushed him off, he hit his face on the ground. She said she then placed her hand over his mouth and nose until he stopped moving. She later called a friend who suggested she hide the body.

Police found Jordan's body in a portable closet in a basement bedroom of the family's Montbello home . It was a day after Jordan Vong was reported missing on August 7th.

Jordan Vong
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