State Issues Report on DUI Arrests

A report from the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice is providing an in-depth look at driving under the influence cases in Colorado. The report examined 27,000 arrests made in 2016.

Among the findings were the following:

75% of the defendants were men. Men accounted for 88 % of the felony DUI cases. The largest group of  defendants was is their 20's. The rate of impaired offenses peaked at age 25 for men. It was age 24 for women.

38 % of the people suspects of an DUI were repeat offenders.

More than 91% of DUI suspects who had a toxicology test  had alcohol in their system.  6.2 % had marijuana in their system. 13 % had toxicology reports showing more than one substance, usually a mix of alcohol and marijuana. 

While many people believe people using pot drive slowly,  the  statistics don't bare that out. Speeding was among the top five infractions associated with stoned drivers.

DUI Report
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