Petitions turned in for Transportation Initiatives

Colorado voters could be casting votes on two different initiatives that seek to tackle Colorado's transportation needs. 

Let's Go, Colorado turned in twice the number of signatures needed to make the November ballot to the Secretary of State's Office on Monday. That initiative would implement a .62 percent sales tax  for transportation projects.  It would raise $800 million in the first year of its existence which could be used  to  leverage $6 billion in bonding. The tax would sunset after 20 years.  45 percent of the money would fund state road and bridge projects, another 40 percent would go to local governments and 15 percent would pay for multi-model projects such as buses for the elderly and bike paths.

The "Fix Our Damn Roads" initiative takes a different approach.  It would require the state to allocate money to leverage $3.5 billion in bonds without any tax increase. That measure is supported by Jon Caldara with the Independence Institute. It would only provide money for roads and bridges. 

While both proposals appear to have enough backing to make the ballot, the Secretary of State must certify the petitions to determine if enough valid signatures were collected. 

Let's Go, Colorado
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