Hancock Delivers State of the City Speech

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock delivered his 2018 State of the City Address at the Carla Madison Recreation Center on Monday.

The Mayor vowed to create more affordable housing in Denver and says the city will ask the City Council to the double the Affordable Housing Fund to $300 million using marijuana taxes to pay for it.

He also announced the formation of a Neighborhood Equity and Stabilization Team, called "NEST", to help neighborhoods maintain their character and culture in the face of gentrification.

The Mayor also pledged that city public works will fan out into the neighborhoods to fix simple issues that can make life better for Denver residents. That could include replacing stop signs, filling potholes and expanding bike ways. 

His speech also included promises to address racial and social justice issues and to make Denver into a multi-modal city with a transportation system that includes biking and electric scooters. He said Denver will add 125 miles of bike lanes over the next five years.

The Mayor's speech comes ahead of his bid for a third term next year. He has faced criticism over growth that has pushed people out of neighborhoods and increased the cost of living in Denver. 

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