Strike Threat from Frontier Pilots

Frontier Airlines pilots parked a Mobile Strike Command Center in front of Denver City and County building on Wednesday.   The RV carries the message: "Frontier pilots 100% Ready to Strike."

The pilots union and the airline have been negotiating a new contract since October of 2016. The union is asking the national Mediation Board to approve a 30-day cooling off period, after which pilots would be allowed to strike.

Captain Alan Christie has been with Frontier for 15 years and flies an Airbus. He claims Frontier Pilots make 40-percent less than pilots at other large carriers. He says low pay is hurting Frontier's ability to hire new flight crews and that has resulted in an increased workload.

Pilots say, if they leave the airline, they would go back to square one in the seniority system.  So,  taking a stand and going on strike is a better option for them.  

Christie says the pilots want Frontier to be successful and really don't want to strike.

The union says pilots made $55-million in concessions to help save the airline when it was in trouble years ago. Now Frontier is profitable and the pilots say the airline can afford a pay increase. 

Frontier Pilots Message
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