Senator Gardner Reacts to Singapore Summit

Colorado Senator Cory Gardner called the meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un positive, but he also urged patience as the United States works on an agreement to denuclearize North Korea.  

Appearing on The Ross Kaminsky Show on 630 KHOW in Denver Tuesday morning, Gardner said it was too early to bet on denuclearization.  

"I had it confirmed to me this morning that sanctions remain in place," Gardner said.  "That's a good thing while we wait for those good faith, concrete efforts toward denuclearization."

Gardner praised President Trump for getting as much out of one meeting as possible, but said there are many complicating factors that could slow down a final agreement.  

"We're not going to normalize relations with North Korea after they denuclearize if they're still throwing men, women and children in to political gulag's, torturing them, starving them and denying them the dignity of human life," Gardner said."

The Chair of the East Asia Subcommittee believed the U.S. should continue to apply maximum pressure on North Korea until more details about the meeting emerge.

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