Governor's Pot Vetoes Blasted

Marijuana activists went to the steps of the State Capitol to  express their displeasure with Governor Hickenlooper's decision to veto three marijuana bills.

The Governor vetoed bills that would have allowed kids with autism to access medical pot, e cleared to way for tasting rooms at pot dispensaries and allowed publicly traded companies to invest in marijuana businesses.

Parents accused the governor of playing "doctor" on the autism bill. They says several other states have authorized medical pot for autism and they should have a right with consultation with a doctor to administer cannabis to their children.  Democratic State Rep. Edie Hooten  aid the Hickenlooper Administration has "a willful commitment to be uninformed about medical marijuana."

On the bill to allow public companies to invest in pot businesses, a marijuana business owner said the inability to raise cash to grow his business could force him to move out of state.

Advocates said allowing pot tasting rooms could have cut down on the illegal consumption in parks and other public areas. 

Some activists are hoping lawmakers might call a special session to re-examine pot issues. Its more liklely the marijuana issues will be revisited in next year's legislative session. 

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