Governor's Race Setting Spending Records

Starting on June 4th, ballots will be dropping into the mailboxes of Colorado voters for the June 26th Primary. In the coming weeks, candidates for governor are expected to ratchet up their spending making the 2018 primary the most expensive in Colorado history.

KOA Newsradio political analyst, Floyd Ciruli,  says the candidates have already spent $15 million and spending could reach a record $20 to $25 million by election day on June 26th. Democrat Jared Polis is the biggest spender. He's spent $8 million of his own money on his campaign.

Ciruli says the candidates will be making appearances this weekend at a variety of Memorial Day events. He also expects a new surge in political ads in the weeks ahead. While many of the candidates have been on the campaign trail for a year or more, the next few weeks are the most critical.

Thrown into mix for this primary election are independent voters who can choose to vote either a Democrat or Republican ballot without having to change their affiliation. Ciruli says some polling suggests about 20 to 30 percent of independents could  vote in the primary. 

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