Denver Boosts Security at High-Profile Buildings

Denver is adding armed security guards at two of the city’s most high-profile buildings.  The Department of General Services notified employees in an email that armed security guards will be stationed at the entrances and exits at the Wellington Webb Building and the City and County building. 

It’s not a reaction to any specific threat, according to the head of the Department of General Services, Murphy Robinson.

“I want to make sure we are proactive instead of reactive,” Robinson said.  “We want to make sure that should an incident ever happen in Denver, we’re ready to respond accordingly and keep our customers and our employees as safe as possible.”

Robinson declined to say how many armed guards are being added, but confirmed that armed security guards have been a part of Denver’s security plan for years.

“The only thing that’s changing is that we’re adding some different types of security throughout all our city buildings that we’ve been doing for years,” Robinson said.  “Which is some armed guards and some other folks with some other capabilities when it comes to screening folks.  Other than that, the experience for our customers is going to be the exact same.”

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