Castle Rock Water to check meter-reading devices

Just to be cautious, Castle Rock Water will be inspecting more than 5,300 remote meter reading devices.   The battery powered devices read water usage.  One of them was near the origin of a fire that burned down two homes in the meadows neighborhood. Mark Marlowe of Castle Rock Water says they've been using the units for twenty years with no problems.  The fire two weeks in Castle Rock was on Foxtail Drive.

Here's more from the Town of Castle Rock:

Castle Rock Fire and Rescue is continuing its investigation in possible causes of the Meadows neighborhood house fire that occurred on April 17.  Investigators have determined extreme wind conditions and highly flammable vegetation fueled the fire. At this time, investigators have not determined the cause of the fire and are still investigating to determine possible causes.

The fire broke out around 10 a.m. Tuesday, April 17. Investigators determined the fire originated from the south side of the home at 4850 N. Foxtail Drive.  High winds and dry, highly flammable vegetation helped the fire spread to additional homes. In total, two homes were destroyed and four others were damaged. There were no reports of injuries. However, two dogs perished in the fire.

A Castle Rock Water battery-powered remote reading device, a gas meter and a Juniper shrub, which is a highly-flammable shrub, were on the side of the home where the fire originated. Castle Rock Water has used battery-powered remote reading devices for more than 20 years without incident. Millions of devices of this type are used throughout the North American water industry. Town Officials do not believe the water devices are a safety concern.

In an abundance of caution, the Town will be proactively inspecting more than 5,300 remote devices that have been installed since 2015, similar to what was located on the home on Foxtail Drive and will also be evaluating defensible space around the area. Homeowners will be notified if the device on their home has been inspected.

With current dry weather conditions, Castle Rock Fire and Rescue urges residents to understand the importance of defensible space. Experts recommend moving flammable materials such as fire-prone vegetation ­– including Juniper shrubs and Fitzer bushes – away from a home. It’s especially important to keep the area around utility hookups clear. If residents have questions regarding flammable vegetation and defensible space around homes, contact Castle Rock Fire and Rescue at 303-660-1066.

 Town Officials do not believe there is a safety concern.

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