Pay Per Mile in Colorado


Colorado is partnering with 14 other states to figure out a solution to the problem of transportation funding.  Megan Castle with CDOT says that the department conducted a pilot program last year that was very successful.  It's called the Pay Per Mile or the Road Usage Charge program.  100 drivers had devices installed on their vehicles that tracked the number of miles driven.  On average each driver drove enough to owe about 10 dollars in taxes.  The program would replace the current gas tax.  Those in favor of the program say that this is a more equitable solution.  Arguing the gas tax is unfair, when considering individuals who drive less fuel efficient vehicles or electric vehicles.  CDOT says it is working to gain more research and information about the best way to improve the funding problems, and that this is just one of many ideas.  If you would like to see how much Pay Per Mile will cost you, head to CDOT's website where there is a calculator.

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