Colorado Brewers Offer Alternatives to Green Beer

If you don't quite have the heart to spend Saint Patrick's Day swigging whiskey or choking down green "beer," Colorado brewers offer plenty of other options.

"Craft brewers also have something to offer for Saint Patrick's Day," said Colorado beer promoter Chea Franz with Lexa P.R.  "From Scotch Ale's to Irish Stouts and Irish Reds, there are a lot of options out there."

Here are a few local, Saint Paddy's Day brews worth checking out:

  • Banded Oak Brewing - Scotch Ale - This is a full bodied wee heavy style with bold suggestions of molasses and toffee that meld with toasted and biscuity malt that lend a flavor of raisin and fire-roasted almonds. Expect a sweet finish with a moderate burn of alcohol. Available at Banded Oak’s Tasting Room in Denver. ABV: 7.8%
  • Call To Arms Brewing - Dust In The Wind Dry Irish Stout - This seriously drinkable stout offers roasty notes with a hint of mole on the nose and a light smoke aroma. It has this really fun chocolate, cinnamon thing on the nose. Dry and drinkable, like Guinness but better. Available at Call to Arms’ Tasting Room in Denver. ABV: 5.2%
  • Great Divide Brewing - Claymore Scotch Ale - Named for a medieval Scottish sword, Claymore Scotch Ale is Great Divide’s tribute to the legendary “Wee Heavy” beers of Scotland. This malty, deep-ruby beauty features lots of caramel sweetness, a reserved hop profile, and a subtle warming character. Unlike its namesake, this beer only requires one hand, but it’ll still make you feel like nobility. Available at both Great Divide Tap Rooms in Denver. ABV: 7.7%
  • Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project - Dry Irish Stout - This beer is light but roasty. Flavors of roast coffee and malty sweetness culminate in a dry, moderate hop presence. Available on regular draft and Nitro. Join the brewery at 3pm Saturday when a special release stout firkin is tapped, complete with Lucky Charms marshmallows and white chocolate. Available at the Intrepid Sojourner Tasting Room in Denver. ABV: 5.2%
  • Lone Tree Brewing Co. - Red Ale - Originally named Acres O Green after the Acres Green neighborhood behind the brewery, this beer has a complex grain bill that creates the rich and malty backbone of traditional Irish Red ales. This beer has subtle notes of toffee, caramel and chocolate, with a light hop finish. Available year-round in canned 6-packs across Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska and in the Lone Tree tasting room in Lone Tree. ABV: 6.0%
  • Maxline Brewing - Irish Red - This easy-drinking brew boasts notes of caramel, bread crust, and bing cherries. Aromas of sweet caramel and toffee greet the nose as this medium-bodied brew is enjoyed. Pair Irish Red with lamb, tiramisu, barbecue, and roast beef. Available at Maxline’s Tasting Room in Fort Collins. ABV: 6.0%
  • Wit's End Brewing Co. - Green Man Ale - This beer is green in inspiration but not in color. It falls somewhere in between an IPA and a Red Ale. Its bold malt and hop balance is characteristic of beers brewed in the Northwest. If you like Red Ales but you also love hops, this is a great beer to drink this March. Available on-draft at the StrangeWit tasting room in Denver. ABV: 6.5%
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