Debt collectors top consumer complains in 2017

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman says consumers filed 9,146 complaints with the Consumer Protection Office of the Attorney General.  That's a 5-percent increase over the 2016 total.

1- Debt collection companies. 977 complaints.   These include disputes about whether debt is owed and complaints of harassment by debt collectors.

2- Fraudulent or unwanted telephone calls. 587 complaints.  These include complaints about phony IRS tax collection scams and other impostor scams including tech support scams and phony debt collection scams.

3- Utility Complaints.  341 complaints.   These include billing disputes, service or coverage issues, rate changes and cancellations and termination issues.

4- Automobile dealer, new and used.  211 complaints.  These include complaints related to the misrepresentations about the condition of used cars, the loss of trade-in vehicles that are sold by the dealer before financing is approved, warranty issue, title issues, and general advertising issues.  

5- Contractors.  211 complaints.  These include complaints about general home-repair, remodeling and other general contractor complaints relating to service, workmanship and billing.

6- Mortgage and Foreclosure Matters.  188 complaints.   These involve loan modifications and foreclosure issues, including complaints that lenders renege on modification officers, delay modification approval while initiating foreclosure, as well as some complaints involving short sales and other loss mitigation problems. 

7- Internet Shopping - Personal care products.  122 complaints.  These involve complaints relating to billing disputes, service and delivery issues along with cancellation and termination issues. 

8- Schools- Academic Colleges and Universities:  120 complaints  Most of these involve student complaints about for-profit colleges, including the amount of tuition, loan repayment and closure of colleges or programs.

9-Telephone- Cell and Equipment:   109 complaints.  These complaints include billing disputes, service or coverage issues, rate changes and cancellation and termination issues and fees.

10-Fraudulent/Unwanted email: 103 complaints.  These complaints include unsolicited offers of sweepstakes, phishing attempts, and not being removed from email lists when they try to unsubscribe.  


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