Second Body Found in Downtown Fire

Downtown Fire

A second body has been found in the rubble of a Wednesday fire downtown Denver at 18th and Emerson. A total of 6 people were injured, a construction worker is in critical condition and a firefighter has minor burn injuries, both were transported to Denver Health.  The other four injuries are due to falling or jumping from the building.   

The fire started at a construction site that was intended to be apartments.  One witness tells us that they saw the fire start in an area where workers were doing welding on the third floor of the building.  The fire was burning so hot that it took the Denver Fire Department over an hour to reduce the volume of the flames.  The fire spread to the roofs of 6 surrounding buildings and melted or damaged over 30 cars, and 3 fire engines in the area.  

The area is shut down to traffic right now, 40 nearby vehicles have been melted, and police are asking people to avoid the area. 

Police are continuing to interview people, and if you have information you can call 720-337-2800.  The city and county of Denver has opened an evacuation center for those who had to leave their apartments.  The evacuation center is at St. Charles recreation center.

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